Smart cast for Sorceress and other Quality of Life improvements please


I want to mention quickly… thanks for all the work in the past few days, my launch has went great and I see all the work the devs and the team are doing. Loving the game a great deal. It’s much appreciated.

I have a few quick requests to improve the quality of life of the sorceress.

Firstly, I’m not sure why Punishing Strike has a nice AOE indicator but Inferno does not. We need some kind of smart cast badly here. It makes no sense how you have to cast punishing strike, then press it again, it feels clunky and unintuitive. Give us smart cast please.

Secondly, there is no indicator for Frosts Call, I understand if you want some skills to be more skill based but that’s obviously not a big design direction when every enemies ability is telegraphed and Punishing Strike has an indicator already. Also punishing strike has a range indicator and no other spells do… This makes the spells feel like they are lacking cohesion.

We really need smart cast especially for Inferno and Frosts Call. It makes no sense how these skills are instant cast with way to tell the range or area. We need cast on release, or cast on press ie; how inferno works. We need to be able to switch to these and set them to each spell individually if we want. it would make the QoL of the Sorceress much, much better and make her kit jsut that much smoother.

Thank you for reading! Let me know if you have any questions at all.

Guild - Sealab