Just stop.

Nothing has gone right for AGS and SG. Blame falls on both sides. SG can’t get away from this spaghetti coding and AGS cant communicate anything correctly.

In a perfect world, this would be obvious. Many of us had high hopes for this game but, at least for the NA/EU side of it, it would take a different publisher and dev team. Both of which would have to have NA/EU as it’s priority and not just a side hustle.



What does AGS screwing up over and over have anything to do with the “15 characters” mentioned in the title? I mean sure, they screw up all the time and the game is in a pretty bad state, but I still love to play a lot of the classes available. I still enjoy playing the game, so… what are you saying? That I should stop making characters because you’re mad at the company(s)? Because, in your opinion, they don’t deserve our support?

I extremely hope their game stops having so many issues, but it’s still an awesome game imo. Not the best one ofc, lots of design issues true, but I still like to play it. If they release an awesome class that I’m extremely curious to try, why would I not? Because there’s bots in the game? Show me an MMO without bots. Because there’s bugs all the time? Show me an MMO without bugs all the time. Because AGS keeps making decisions that go against my wishes? Not even going to bother lmao.

In the end, the game isn’t a masterpiece, but after 3000h it’s still pretty addictive and pretty fun to play on a daily basis. For me this is enough to keep hoping AGS/SG start doing better and support their efforts into making more and better content.
I already stopped spending as much money as I did in the first few months (I’m not aheavy spender or anything, but have spent a few hundred$$$). Ofc I won’t support them in the same way if they don’t give me (us) the consideration and value we deserve, but I have no reasons to “just stop”.

If you need a break from the game and you’re tired of it and if the issues going on bother you so much that you feel you need to stop, then do it. No one’s stopping you.

Just learn to enjoy the game for the trash fire it is.

It’s a functional, playable mess. You don’t have to invest in it, you don’t have to give it money, you don’t have to play your whole roster every day.

The game might be designed around doing all those things, it might punish you to not do all those things, but it’s just a game that you are already pissed off at anyway and are likely going to quit it before much longer so who cares what the game wants.

OP made 15 characters, so now he’s blaming the devs for spaghetti coding because he is unable to play his 15 characters.

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