Smilegate AGS it is NOT working 10k+ queues because of BOTS

perhaps you can share you vast well of knowledge from years of experience in the gaming industry, at the top of your field, i assume?

You didnt even understand my post and jumped to conclusions. At no point did i claim to be an expert on this matter. Its just impossible to deny that ags is unable to solve it.

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Smilegate AGS may not be able to talk about anti-BOT efforts, but it is clear they are not effective and they are not telling their REAL player base the truth. Not going to spend/swipe when it takes over an hour to get into the game (on non-peak hours). Figure it out SG/AGS!

AGS as a division has a history of hiring significant talent and experienced people, then ignoring their advice until they quit. Hopefully the recent leadership shakeup changes that, but I’ve seen no evidence for that so far. (Then again, I don’t work there.)

exactly, who can expect that a multi billion dollar company hires people that can work on weekend in an online service that runs 24/7 or let people do OT when the game and forums are on fire after a game breaking change right on friday LOL

8k queue…this is a queue at all times 24 hours a day, going from 5k to 11k. Just unacceptable, at release/launch can understand, but now at this point in time…this is not people playing glaivier. Last time getting through a 3 hour queue…went to the lower areas and in many places 40+ channels of BOTS streaming in and out of the triports.

Smilegate, AGS, GoldRiver…this is just EPIC FAIL. Doesn’t matter that your game is a success in KR, credit for past things are done and gone. Start dealing with here and now, actually develop and code something. Fix your game.

Fluctuating server capacity is one of the ways we are combatting the lag and instability unfortunately, however we are working towards putting some fixes in place to better stabilize the server in our next maintenance.


But it’s working properly to boost player number on steam charts. AGS probably use that number to show how “successful” their game is.

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Let us hope to see some positive results :slight_smile:

I wish you good luck with that. Thanks for giving us some word on what’s going on.

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Ahh, so you guys are reducing server capacity and that is why we are seeing the queue’s over the weekend? Makes sense.

Also, I read you got married while I was, ya know. Congratulations. I’m still going to be critical of your team if you continue to censor topics. :slight_smile:

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my dude just copypasted the same reply on every thread

I don’t think the recent changes has done anything to the number of bots. Still seeing a massive group of bots in Vern…

it’s not a “dude”

I posted the same response in three topics as they were all the same concerns.

It’s the weekend, they don’t work typically on weekend’s so they probably got a message passed to them from leadership and told to deliver and that is what they’re doing.

Well, is there any plane to fix the bots issue? They are just like cocoroaches living in the game now. How about ban their IP?

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According to leadership, dealing with the bots is their top priority. The VPN thing is just the first step. For IP’s to start getting banned they have to have the correct infrastructure in place I would imagine and VPN blocking tends to, not always, but tends to be the first step in that problem.

Ideally, what I think leadership should’ve done was implement the VPN block on Monday that way they had the whole week to work on things and tweak it rather than on Friday and letting hell break loose over the weekend, but that’s just me.


What is that really saying…? As we all know the lag and instability is either caused by tons of BOTS that are in character creation or playing, or bad code by Smilegate. Go check the lower areas and watch the BOTS streaming in and out of the triports and let us know how many real players are seen, how many real players chatting in area, how many real players killing area bosses. Every patch day, it is said that things are being fixed, but every patch day it gets worse, and now we are suppose to wait an entire week again while Smilegate does what? What is Smilegate actually coding…cause whatever it is…it currently has NOT BEEN EFFECTIVE. Look at how many times Smilegate had to patch the timezone issue 3 times and it still wasn’t fixed.

Then send this message to Gold River…“Take responsibility for your failed code, assess your architecture, validation, security, unit testing…and actually FIX your code, expecting players to sit for weeks and weeks in 10k+ queues cause of bots or failed code, is ridiculous and epic fail.”