SMILEGATE forgot what UNIT TESTING is...?

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Been saying this for over a year… start investing in…


It is quite ridiculous that every patch has an issue. Even the daylight savings patch should not have been needed, unless you are hard coding the numbers in the code and not going off serverTime offset.

You really don’t want people playing your game it seems. NA/EU just seems like a cash grab for Smilegate. You even release the gold nerfs early without BrelHard and Akkan. What will you do when the price of accessories and other things not related to honing do not drop in price, oh right… new, returning, and casual players should all swipe 300k gold to get a 5x3 BIS so they aren’t gated on some lower Legions Raids, not even mentioning gated on Brel.

Invest in real DEVS who know what a try { } catch { } is…who know what UNIT TESTING is…who know to check for nulls…etc…this is just a real bad look on Smilegate development and their devs. Every patch there is issues, and on one of the most anticipated patches they fail again, sorry to say not surprised by this.

UNIT TEST your CODE in advance. Do you not have a dev pipeline vs. qa pipeline vs prod pipeline…seriously.

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