Smilegate has pulled off the impossible! The madlads finally did it!

Lost Ark not only has 800k concurrent players but the amount of hours played is soon going to beat CS:GO which is a game released in 2012 - 20 years ago! As you are aware the game has released only 3 months ago so this is a great achievement for both AGS / Smilegate.

The game is so successful in the west that hundreds of thousands of players have literally not slept and been continuously playing it since launch. Wow! Well done AGS / Smilegate you have saved the MMO Genre.


damn bots be grinding those hours


Imagine the PR campaigns!


4 months

legit players only.

This is why CM don’t recommend you to review on Steam, they don’t want media and investors to find out what kind of a sh!@ show we have over here


No idea why steam dont take hand on this fraud.


Because a kingdom ruled through fear is a kingdom not worth ruling my friend


Let’s gooo smilegate, to the moon and beyond.


Too good XD

They have not done it yet, today they will do it but later and it will be an historical moment…

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This game must be really good. Players are playing long hours and not logging off. Its that good!

Steam / Valve should. It just ruins the credibility of their reporting measures.

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Muhaha lets go gouverment take the game down …
Look at all these hours our health systems will collaps so they should step in to save all this metallic addicts !
Also the global environment is suffering because all these extra pc running !


U forgot the /s bro come on …there is ppl that doesn’t know it’s sarcasm and will think this is positive

Steams going to just reset Lost Ark’s numbers so the charts don’t become full of games “gaming” the system.

Average time play: 24 hours 7 days a week

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Bro i wish they had released Diablo Immortal on steam so we could compare the two. Idk how many servers DI has but i know the one I’m on is actually super populated and bots are basically nonexistent.

I have a feeling DI would dwarf Lost Ark and they could stop bragging about their bot inflated numbers

Something is off… How is 2012 20years ago?

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