Smilegate, KR-Japan-RU……………… ———- NA/EU

Am tired of people acting like this company is so nice, they clearly pushing us aside to release maid skins”i hope we don’t get” giving artist to Japans an RU servers. While our patch gets delayed lol. No new event , no new login bonus, why? Because they dont have time for NA/EU. You guys want solutions or maybe answers? Go message Smilegate instead of harassing the people here that is actually trying to get us info. Aga doesn’t dictate what we get and when. They can only suggest. Ags doesn’t have a dev team, dont own the game. That is all Smilegate….

By the way the good guys with a weapon for whales only lol


Tell me you didnt experience new world without telling me you didnt experience new world


Tell me you’ve never played a game developed by Smilegate without telling me you’ve never played a game developed by Smilegate.

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Tell me you don’t have any clue what you’re talking about without telling me you … oh wait, you just did.

It was a 2 week delay dude.

While close this isn’t quite the extinction of the human race you are making it out to be.


Pretty sure you are here more often.

You should know that no matter what happens this shit community just Takes there pitchforks out and wichhunts ags.

This forum is just Full of whiny little brats that Complain about everything and demand compensation for everything.

2 Week Patch delay and this forum implodes Like ags took there newborn.

Kind of Pathetic if you ask me.


And they fail to realize its a F2P game. They getting all this for free; absolutely amazing content FOR FREE.

Then they whine when its delayed by 2 weeks for quality issues. Because I’m sure they are the same mass of people would be like:

“I’d wait longer for a more stable and good build than rushed content”.


And don’t you dare argue against them.

I’m no white knight for AGS/SG, I rip into them for stuff all the time but this here is just simple common business sense.

The game was not in a healthy state to release a content patch on top if it, it’s as simple as that.

Then you have the EU drama with Gacha/Loot Boxes, only just now getting the smallest foothold on Bots (which are creeping back up), instance servers and market crashing, SV map breaking players in Chaos Dungeons & not being able to finish the story, 10,000 in queue and 500,000 Berserkers running into walls…

All of this would make for a terrible time to release content centered around trying to pull new players into the game. Nobody would want to start playing in that mess.

It sucks that they put out a communication freeze since AGS is renown for poor communication but that’s a corporate decision made by someone who does not care about you, only the best way to make more money. Telling everyone to stop talking to the community while they figure out wtf to do honestly is the smart move, since this way your CMs aren’t making false promises or getting foot-in-mouth syndrome and having to backtrack on stuff all week.

Yes, AGS/SG are corporate devils, yes they want to take your money in whatever way they can slip it out of your pockets and releasing a broken patch on a broken server that nobody could log into is just poor release cadence, would generate the least amount of revenue and would likely incite the players into rage even further.

On the 30th you’ll get your content patch and most of the players will find themselves sitting in PartyFinder begging for a support all week anyway.

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its a two week delay, and the last month we also had a delay, and the servers have been running poorly, and numerous bugs. West had insane queues for a month. In a prebuilt game.

Its not the end of the world, but its not crazy to think this version is not being maintained to the best of their ability.


Ugh… didnt this game came to NA later than japan and EU? Tf??? No shit we are behind. Dam soo many people with no common sense my brain is fried. NA HAS the most issue with bots, cheaters, low iq and etc what yall expect.

I dont see any delays on this months patches for every other version lol . I guess that’s because of ags? Lmao bigger patches for ru and japan no delays no problems.

Do you realize that JP/RU have Brehlsaza Raid already yeah? It has been like 9 or 10 months for them to get to this point. Chill out dude.

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You need to read better. Their patches are on time is what am saying. Our dont matter they will get to us when they have time.

We are still working across teams to finalize a build that addresses multiple concerns of our playerbase, primarily in terms of monetization and related systems.

Maybe they’re changing Yoz’s jar tho?

It’s called monitisation, and yes, yes they do absolutely have a say in it. Ever heard of EA? They are a publisher too…

Two week here, two weeks there.

I think we are months behind the intended release schedule. Doesn’t look good to be honest.

It’s just shows SMG is just another dev and nothing special.

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you are being unfair to our kr/jp/RU friends here, i am sure smilegate cares about all of us equally

but this is like a 0x10000 is still 0 type of situation :stuck_out_tongue: