Smilegate's Technical Ability - Below Western Standards?

At the end of the day, Amazon has no control over the release of content. The majority of the technical work is done by Smilegate, maybe Amazon does some QA work I am unsure.

Smilegate failed repeatedly with the April patch, even to the point of discovering critical errors hours before the release.
Smilegate failed to adapt the Vykas patch by June 16th.
Smilegate failed to adapt the Vykas patch by June 23rd.

Is this company just incompetent? Do they lack the technical ability to deliver their work on schedule?

Why can Smilegate not commit to having a release candidate patch ready in advance of the release date? E.g. 1 week prior.

Maybe I work in larger companies and have lost perspective on what it’s like for a group like Smilegate, but missing this many externally published deadlines is frankly bizarre to me.

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Perhaps AGS wants to set release date expectations as per our requests (vykas 1 month after valtan, etc.) and promises it to us. But in reality SG says its likely not doable, however AGS still makes the estimate (mid-JUNE) because theres a chance.

Pretty sure there’s a disconnect between what SG says theyre able to do release schedule wise vs what AGS wants to market to us.

Of course class release cadence is just completely different, that was purely an AGS decision

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AGS and SG playing hot potato, ruining the community’s trust. You know what they say, play stupid games, you win stupid prizes.

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I’ve read a blog somewhere for game developers that Lost Ark’s coding style is like more than a decade old and Korean programmers tend to fall behind in trend in writing codes for video games compared to NA or EU.

It’s like a old honda civic compared to tesla. So any future changes require processes that most programmers regard as very inefficient nowadays.

it would be great if either parties, AGS or SG, report and share to the NA and EU communities who takes care of what and who is responsible for what.

I find many posts and comments where people define what “publishers” do and what “developers” do, but I find it confusing that Westernization or censorship of the game applied to our version is not in line with other versions of Lost Ark, and only applied to NA and EU, like Shadowhunter’s Demon from being different, or some NPCs had their skin tone changed.

Who made that call? Who changed those according to whose feedback?
Who is suppose to relay the update info and patch note? Who has control over what class gets released and when?

It’s not even about blaming or placing faults on people/companies, it’s about setting an expectation and getting better understanding of why our game is in its current state.

Clarity on this topic is always dismissed or ignored I feel…


Game is built on Unreal 3 which is hella old so that’s to be expected.