SmileZon, are you really capable of all server merge tasks on the 28th?

I not sure about that. I’m not confident in you guys being able to handle implementing a new class and new legion raid on top of the just-announced server merge. It feels like something will go horribly wrong on the 28th and no one can really enjoy the new stuffs that day. Server merge seems like a heavy task that should be performed on a different date separated from the patch people are waiting for.


The update starts on the 28th, no one said it will end on the 28th haha, in any case, all people in their right mind know that updates of this size take HOURS, in some games they take up to 24h, FFXIV has 24h updates.

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I expect missing characters. Also they said to not abuse the AH to trade gold between your servers. They wanted to do it for you!

u mean the one starting on September 28th but ending on September 28th?
Oh forgot to add “ending on September 28th 2024”

meantime the rosters of those will be empty lmao

Bro, its not even sure if theres actual implementation of those patches in the 28, because they could delay the updates like the “Mid June Vykas”, and this reset is not even a major update and look at the delay.

I bet they needed to postpone some of updates like merging or if they actually apply those maybe the maintenance will take longer or worst the 28 September could start around 1st or 2nd week of October.

I’m concerned about the F4 ship skin refund. Why do we have to contact customer service in order to get crystal refund for that? Why is it not automated like other things?

We all know their Customer service has a terrible reputation.

im hoping theyre not releasing clown and this server merge shit on the same update