Sniffer dog needs to be fixed

The last line of the sniffer dog description reads “Life energy consumed upon Digging +62”. However, the buff you get, thorough search, reads “Increases acquisition chance of rare materials for 120s with Sniffer Dog’s help (25% chance extra from what I heard) Consumes 180 extra work Energy”.

When I tested it, it consumed 180 extra work energy. This is completely not worth it as two excavations is worth more than one with +25% rare material chance. Please change it to +62 energy which actually would be worth it. Having a lvl 30 buff be a bait is kinda ridiculous. Comparing it to something like green thumb (Foraging lvl 30) which only costs +30 life energy, +62 is worth it.

Also, @Roxx could we get some clarity on whether ‘Thorough Search’ works on the minigame? If not, it definitely should, that just makes sense towards incentivising players to use this skill.

Why is green thumb worth it?
It’s the same thing, they’re both double the original cost.

Well, presuming that green thumb also increases it by 25%, excavating costs 180 work energy while green thumb costs 30.

I haven’t done foraging as much as excavating (lvl 18 vs lvl 34), but from looking at my prices (rare for foraging is 15 for 10, rare for excavating is 20 for 10) and remembering how much rares I got even at the drop rates of lvl 18, I would say the green thumb is worth it for foraging since you are foraging six times as much.

Honestly I don’t know 100% though I am still pretty confident its more worth it than the sniffer dog.

green thumb also gives you a 1 sec gather rate on foraging, it’s super strong.