Snowflakes gonna kill the game for the rest of us

There’s definitely a lot of entitlement… that being said complaints are still valid considering the communication isn’t transparent. That’s my main concern.

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You know, when your only justification for terrible things is going ‘‘if you don’t like it just leave’’ - don’t be surprised when people do and the game dies as a result, aka what happened with new world. Victim blaming gets us nowhere.


This might sound over-the-top crazy but the Argos update made people so mad at the game it could have died on the spot. So yes, AGS (and every other PC MMO) are essentially walking through a dense minefield.


Are there real issues that need to be brought up and complained about ? Yes

Are there a whole lot of entitled pricks that think they know better than everyone ? Yes

Is anything going to change regarding either of the 2 above situations ? Highly unlikely in any short amount of time


Lol I agree some complaints are dumb but whats gonna kill this game is the performance issue taking a hit after every patch. Not people complaining on the forums.

This recent patch gave me ptsd flashback to new world stuttering.


WTF Mir4 is #2 lmao isn’t that a p2w mobile game that barely functions?

Don’t blame players for problems caused by AGS/SG. This could have all been avoided by including honing buffs and guaranteed T1/T2 (originally planned) which would allow for an accelerated content schedule.

Their interpretation of players complaining about Argos was to slow down content rather than just buff honing. Put the blame for your frustration where it belongs.


People like OP are true killers of games. No1 complained about more content. People complained about releasing content and then not being abke to do it due to lack of mats getting there. I know its hard to understand for donkeys like OP who have tunnelvision, this is why you will continue to see dogshyt threads like these.


I don’t agree, negativity brings negativity, people complaining spread it through toxicity, and it has an impact on players trying to enjoy the game.
If all the mess you can find on the forum happens in game, I believe people will leave the game in the blink of an eye because they came to play and many of them are sensitive to bad vibes.

It becomes instinctive for people to say “if you don’t like it just leave” to an unreasonable person who’s threatening their peace.


Games gonna die no matter what lol they either cater to the casuals and “sensitive” people or to the whales and “elitist” people…no matter what the side that doesnt get catered to will end up quitting, or just keep threatening to quit on forums/twitter. cant make everyone happy.


Wrong target, but still funny

Forums latest topics:

Argos dungeon crashed on entry. I lost 1000s of gold
Abyss dungeon crashed. I lost 1000s of gold and am locked out for a week now
A quest showing t3 items popped up on my screen, so i clicked to accept and it suddenly changed to only t1/t2 awards that are nontransferable to alts and the quest is nontransferable

I dunno. Id say thats a failed game design if you asked me. Not sure how its the player bases fault that Shitgate sent a botched patch to the US client


The game is thriving in other regions, so no. It’s the crybabies on Twitter, reddit and these forums that can’t be pleased no matter what SG and AGS does. Hopefully they will realize there’s no winning with these people and start ignoring them and release content at a faster pace.

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Being sensitive to something doesn’t make you someone sensitive, you’re misunderstanding what I said.

lmfao where did you get this list? steam? half those games have their own standalone clients. Noone uses steam to launch mmos lmfaoooooo. goddamn copium is strong with this one. FF14 has literally 5x more players. Last I heard, they were currently at 1.5 million for the new patch

Whats your best case scenario? All of the legion raids released by summer? Heres what happens then:

All of the bored whales and min/maxxers go into new content. Start powergearing. Gain millions of gold. Decked to the gills in relics and now completely control the auction house and maris shop. Due to the vast amount of gold these people have, prices start skyrocketing to levels only they can afford.

Now comes along johnny casual, finally reaching valtan. At this point, the superwhales/minmaxxers are only running it for the gold and want super quick runs. This means they only want people in their party with 5 engravings at level 3, maxed out stats, maxed out tripods. Now 90% of the games playerbase cant enter content and get frustrated and quit. They cant even buy the upgrades anymore because superwhale controlling the market has priced them out. Playerbase starts plummeting. Amazon sees the numbers fall below 100k and pull the plug on the entire game because its no longer a viable investment. No more lost ark


Clearly different regions need different things. If this was a Korean mmo that was not region locked it would have been better but since it’s not they will need to tailor it to the west. Or accept the fact that the game is going to fail in the west. It’s too bad because the game is great but the economic model is running people off.

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Toxic positivity is a thing too…


You realize mats are dirt cheap right? Lol. May have spiked today due to the new class I don’t know as I’ve been at work since 6am and don’t get off until midnight. But, opening up access to more sources of gold and mats is a benefit for the economy and the game overall. You seem to be one of the alarmists I was talking about.

Without those “snowflakes” you’d just now have people hitting 1370 at best xd

not when the sources are gated and only given to the few privileged. Ive already lived through this in multiple mmos when you skewed economies like this. It results in the majority of people leaving because the super rich ruin the game for everyone. Just look how fucked maris shop prices are now because whales pillaged it before regular players even had a chance to buy a single crystal

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