Snowpang quest line bug

Hey this is a super random bug and not too big of a deal but I though I should say something.

I don’t know the exact specifics on how to recreate it but basically when your doing the Snowpang quest line and you get killed right before the round ends and then, while on the death screen, accept the island rewards, you will get the rewards fine but it will not credit you with quest progression requiring you to, I assume, complete it on a later visit (Hopefully).

Not a big deal as I will probably have to come back many times for a shot at the soul but it definitely didn’t seem intended.

One note, on respawn you end up outside of the battle area which I’m sure is intended but it was confusing because I was expecting there to be a quest turn in icon.

If anyone reads this, thanks for your time and don’t stress about it.

sorry for the necro, but the same happened to me today, I did got locked on the island, but no rewards. I am still on the probably last quest. the island is fun and all but if no rewards at all (yeah blah blah blah qq more and stuff) I can go afk right before event ends so I can make sure I don’t score the losing point or go on another island

Hey there! Thank you for reporting this issue. I will send this to our Development team for review.