So 2500 gold per hour as support?

How much u charge guys?

Oh nonono.

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Find a lonely bard and ask her to play together with you, help her out with solo content and alts, bring her together for bus run and she will stick with you for new content for free.
Build stable relationship, stop paying hoes for “service”.



Build stable relationship, stop paying hoes for “service”. :heart:


they will be fun if you dont kill tht boss at all. Because its doable with 8 DPS without support, but harder. But its not doable with 8 supports.

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i charge supports 3k/ hour for fast clear and 10k/h if they are floor pov most of the time. Payment made every 20 minutes, otherwise kick.

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I need to remember about the 20 mins payment

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Stop selling urself and find jesus


this is what we bard mains want :heart_eyes: only someone that stick with us and help us with the shitty content and we are happy to help u guys in raids <3

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I charge 10K gold per hour.

heheh I was kidding. I have my friends to run raids, It’s so fun raiding/ laughing/ wiping with friends than become a hoe that charge gold/hour.


remember to post here the vid of your 8x DPS Vykas clear


will do.

Can I pay in hugs ?

Yeah, build a stable relationship with someone just for mutual convenience, you will see how that ends up.

Why pay to bards/Palas if they need the content too? Just search a nice non toxic group and enjoy the fight. Ofc we need supports for easier runs, but they need us too. So stop beeing like “pay me xxxx amounts of gold or i dont come with you” fine, leave and we search another one.

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Im Support i charge 0 gold


You can find good support that will charge 0 gold. If you’ve got someone trying to charge you to run with you look elsewhere. I’ve seen some that are pretty dog (not all). Or find yourself someone from the Chadlancer Charity, we don’t charge like the “union”.

10k/hour is the market price for a good support char…

But can you help them back? :thinking:

I’ve yet to encounter a bard that stayed alive up to Ghost phase so far.

Can people just not pay these entitled pieces of xxxx. Charging 2.5k per hour while they troll for not clearing in order to charge more. The greediness of those who advertise and advocate this preposterous business is beyond imaginable.