So about that Valtan Hardmode

Ever since the South Vern release I am curious if Valtan Hardmode is going to be released the same day as Valtan Normal Mode.
Don’t get me wrong I have the iLvL for hardmode, but I don’t understand why most of the South Vern content got stripped away when you are still planning to release Valtan HM with the NM.

Shouldn’t it be a Valtan NM release + the missing South Vern content followed by Biakis… Valtan HM… and so on?

It just feels strange to get those strange iLvL gaps.

I don’t know if Valtan HM is much more worth than NM because this is my first Lost Ark game. Can someone enlighten me why there’d be less outrage now? Is it because most “hardcore-f2p”-players were able to reach it in time?

TL,DR; Did AGS change their stance on Valtan HM release after stripping away the South Vern content?

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Basically, Valtan HM always released with NM, Hardcore player either played the game like me already or know people who played the game, so we don’t really care, we exactly know what is coming and what’s the worth of it.

You still have to do normal mode nomatter what, you will require to farm the legendary valtan gear because you won’t be able to craft a 6 set relic. Most classes will go 4 piece beastial wrath (valtan crit set) and something like 2 set entropy (back attack set).

Another thing is, Valtan HM is literally the same fight just more dmg so it basically is w/e. Personally I will be farming 1415 Valtan for a while and get alts to 1415 because you still drop relic mats in normal mode.

To really be able to play the game with full relic set we need Vykas hm which is 1460 so ultimately our goal is to reach 1460 before Vyaks HM release.


There are minor differences reward-wise between Normal and Hard compared to what happened with Argos.

I wouldn’t say minor but yes, the problem with Argos was literally that hardcore players who played 16 hours a day weren’t able to do Argos.

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Vyakas is +18 everything right?

HM yes

Barely any difference in hard mode vs normal mode if we dont count gear which is untradable.
Also would be very stupid trying to put tryhards and whales into normal mode with their +20 weapons and 4x3 engravings

Hi have a question.
I heard that the Relic accessories can only be equipped at 1445. Is this correct or not?

How TF do you know south Vern is missing content but didn’t bother to invest your time into finding out if hard mode was gonna be released with normal mode? When in fact this info was posted weeks ago on offical forums? Weird AF people these days honestly.

Well because the content was in the initial version of the patchnotes and they tweeted that Chaogate / Chaosdungeon and thunderwing were not included in the Sout Vern patch. So it seemed kinda strange if it was stripped away because not enough people had the right iLvl.

And since they announced Valtan HM + NM in the roadmap I didn’t know if their stance on this was changed as well.

Guess you didn’t even take your time to read my post. Weird AF people these day honestly yareyare. (Like even the TL;DR would show you that your reply is utter nonsense)

Common sense would say right…that the reason it was taken out is because those content gives out relic gear.

With just a tiny bit TINY bit of investigation you’d realize why it was taken out and will be introduced with the valtan normal/hard mode. Your welcome. get educated since you didn’t do any yourself.

Yes, thanks for your wisdom.

It makes 0 sense to not release south vern chaos now and release all at once with Valtan including HM.

But it´s AGS and SGR. So I expect to know 12h before the release of said content.

Should be only armor/weapons, due to needing 1445 to craft them in the first place.
There might be a requirement on trading them, but nothing should prevent you from equipping any you drop yourself for sure.

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Because that’s how its released in KR.
Nothing was “stripped away”
This is just how KR released the content as well.
As well as how Valtan Normal and Hardmode are coded together, and they are just copy and pasting it into our version of the game.