So.. About the Downtime with the Phoens

I didnt know we got a Mail where you can claim with every Character Phoens etc.
I just read everything in this Forum.

What about the People who couldnt get the Chance to log in?
I mean, good for people who had the chance, but its not fair to ppl who didnt get the chance to get it. Remove it, or make it back for ppl who didnt had the chance to get it too to be fair to every player. Dont you think so too?

Me and my BF dont complain so much, sure much things are annoying but we dealt til now with it. But after reading " ppl who got phoens ( what i read some ppl got over 200 phoens ) can have it" in other words fk ppl who work… we are about to think to quit with the game ( over 2k hrs, 1510+ ). its just not fair to all players. Give all it or dont give none of it.

Hi @Sarachiix

Welcome to our forums.

I apologize this mistake affected you and a lot of other players , today , Lost Ark characters received an in-game mail about the upcoming changes to the Skill Tree Transfer System titled “Notice: Skill Trees”. This mail included rewards that weren’t intended to be sent along this message.

I agree is not fair as well we are currently evaluating options for a make-good gift, and will provide an update within 24 hours on the compensation all players will receive.

Please refer to this Official News post to see more details of this:

We apologize for any inconveniences generated by this.
Hope you have a good one!