So about tier 3 nerfs

Will Tier 3 Nerfs be happening the same in Korea aswell?

There is no tier 3 nerfs right now. Its just T1 and T2 content and most of it isn’t even that bad.

guy made a post with tier 1-3 nerfs screenshot taken

Are you talking about the honing rates? There are NO nerfs to tier 3 in tonight’s maintenance.

yes i meant the Honing rates SORRY EVERYBODY MY FUCK UP

The honing rate changes would make us the same as the Korean version. I don’t know when they are going to change the rates but I would assume around the same time Argos releases as they would probably want all players to experience it.

Korea and Japan have both had these catch up mechanics before. In korea they give you a pass to get to 1302 without ever touching the game before. So yes these will exist.

ok. im happy now