So AGS thats nice i guess

So, you guys make some weird choices,
you choose to release 1 class every 2 month, but the update comes in the last day of the month, for me, 30th of June is already July lol
i dont understand you, and what kind of company you’re,
i know amazon in general dont care about amazon games,
and you guys also dont care about shit!
you could be earning 4x times the money you get, but you just dig a damn big Hole.
well we’re here to see what comes next.
Hope you dont kill Lost Ark,
and please, for real dont try to create/publish another game.

BTW this is important:

Releasing classes is not new content, you could release all classes in the launch( not artist, probartist you would release this summer, and then female berzerker next year with aeromancer{for egxample}) that it would be perfect for everyone, the real content, is enough and the effort SMG does for the korean, will provide a lot of new content for us.
So dont be afraid and stop being Greedy,

GL with the backlash, you all are afraid of, and just create more reasons for it!!


I agree

Its sad to see amazon is slowly killing this amazing game that as so much to give.
And yes i also agree classes are not new content because its just a new bunch of skills but the content itself and maps and quests are the same so they should have been released more classes already and with that they would have more people and also more income of money because people would be enjoying with their main classes

They want hype marketing but they are giving hype killing :neutral_face:

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I wish they revealed who are the main executives in charge of leading the direction NA/EU is currently going in.


Releasing classes is new content.
Why? New class.

What you do with a new class? You play the game all over again. Or Pay to Max level. Your choice. :rofl:


dude first MMO that comes for a release that thinks classes are new content, thats so sad :confused:

imagine ashes of creations classes,(check it out if u had not)
if they release 1 by 1 each 2 months xddd


Ik ashes of creation. Once it will come out, i will uninstall lost ark and forget that it even existed. :blush:

nop releasing classes that exist for year and are in our client already aint new content new classes are ok, even bdo did release will all kr classes :smiley:

especially in a game were changin mains aint easy u dont want to wait for ur main.

In lost ark is content because you have to play the game all over again.

The gameplay of lost ark is the honing system. Releasing a new class you must do it again and again to +25.

  • for your own information, what you see from some youtubers claiming to be in our client, is just the basic texture and 3d model of the class. Not the actual logic blueprint or whatever.

They added most of the things in client to prevent copy paste from other regions in our client, to access content that should not be accessed. Lost ark is truly client authoritative.

yes i agree bro,
for me the game should launch with all classes we know except artist,
now in summer they release artist,
and next year the rest
everyone would be happy for sure
i would be at least xdd

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