So ags you gonna do something or?

You waiting for blue crystal price to catch up to KR before doing something agains’t bots ?


Cool bro. You’re so witty it’s awesome. Great thread.

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The “You waiting for blue crystal to be KR price” joke is cool, but we’ve seen it so much that IT HAPPEND

Blue crystal is ALREADY KR price

So you’re saying Lost Ark West has already caught up with the Korean version…

Insert “It’s an ongoing battle” comment here


The moment they do that people gonna complain bout books prices.

After update grudge and similars went down almost 30% in price, i didnt see people complaining for that bot related issue.

If you think a game can keep bots away at a 90+% rate you never played a mmo before.

Games without bots are either authenticated by IDs (and they still steal identities) or simply not worth for the bots to be there

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Isn’t it Smileygate that has to cook up the scripts that bans bots?

Unless Steam helps in some manner to prevent bots from being created, there ain’t much AGS can do.

The team is currently working on a few options to continue the fight against bots but we will never be able to fully get rid of every bot.


“The moment they do that people gonna complain bout books prices.”

Then add more methods to obtain books or adjust book drop rates. Problem solved.

you’d have to ban 99% of matchmaking players to win that crusade

And how this will solve botting? :rofl::rofl:

Completely out of argument.

That said, doesnt matter adjusting. Bots can run whatever you can. Meaning, if you can get them, they can too.

I was not referring to botting. Instead, it was about the part of your statement that I quoted, where you said that if we got rid of bots people would complain about book prices.

pepo fart NO

Grudge is not the only book in the game. All valuable books are almost at the same price. The difference between cd-grudge, kb-grudge was way higher.

I used books as an example to state, referring to bots, that an impossible to solve problem will always bring pros and cons.

People complained before cause mats costed nothing. But they could buy said mats cheap aswell.

People complained bout crystals, ban waves brought them down. But was that it? It occurred on a period of time where skins were nowhere to be found.

What im trying to say is that the main problem of crystals prices and overall the game s economy is the gatekeeping on the gold.

A very aggressive gatekeeping. The game offers pretty much 2 ways to farm gold and both requires you to give up on honing at least partially.

Given the methods are the same for everyone, everyone does the same. Meaning the sold resources price will drop in value.

While relic keep their cost more or less the same, your gold revenue is less.

While leveling alts helps farm more gold, the cost required to put them at any farming level bracket (1400/1415/1430/1445/1460) is so high that takes ages before breaking even unless you are happy staying with a 1460 lopang toon on full argos.

The 6 character lockdown for gold was totally needed in kr but was WAY bad and early for EU.

Not only we were already dealing with honing gold sink we werent even starting on quality honing for relic gear.

Right now there is way too many ways to sink gold and too few to make it.

Introduction of new better skins and overall inflaction skyrocketed crystal prices, defetly not bots. If anything, bots had at least a “positive” side towards the sink being it cheaper resources - despite in the long run having a much worse effect-

Smilegate is actually very ok with it. They dont care bout crystals, as for them it s WAY better having prices so high since people will turn onto buying royals to convert in blues to convert in pheons rather than paying overpriced gold. All they need is to keep the gold generation gatekept.

If you want to blame them, dont do it for bots. Thats not where their fault is.

Well. Tbh i don’t have Gold problems since weeks. 200k in the bank. Took me like 2 weeks and i am still honing now and then my mains weapon and 2 alts to 1472. biggest problem is people want gold and do nothing for it. Not even check how to make gold. They just want it

Exactly. Just getting without doing anything. Just do weekly all raids on your 6 roster characters, daily Chaosdungeon and Guardian (for 1370ilv Characters it’s more worth to do rested Alberhastic instead of Yoho).

And then just sell the Materials or use it on your roster to Upgrade them. If you don’t waste you make every week more and more gold.

Only upgrade with the farmed Mats and Shards, don’t buy.

Use your life skills to Fish or Excavating to craft in Stronghold Oreha fusion materials or use the Stronghold farm to craft those.

Im at a point where i gemerate more or less anout 100k gold x week just by granted content rewards and unas. Lately it s being on the raise since i found some leeway with a certain category lacking items so i can sell them for twice/thrice the price.

Thats excluding drops of items or books.

That said, im someone who doesnt like lopang slaves, so all my alts are 5x3 full relic, and over 1445 with main sitting at 1492.

Yesterday i decided to tap some on my striker alt as he had 1400 leaps. 30k gold and 1000 leaps later, i was at 1455 from 1447.5

Aint no way playing good on alts too wont burn through no matter what gold you mass in a weel

bots are so active right now that the current price for rmt is

100k - 30-40 bucks…

it was

100k - 100-150 2 months ago.

can we go any lower?

100k - 20 bucks soon™?

that just goes to show that right now bots are generating so much gold and not getting banned that the numbers you see on steam are likely 50% bots

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They already doing their job (nothing).

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