So all F2P players are just bots now?

I just read the patch notes, and I saw that players who have not spent the minimum amount of money on steam to be considered “Trusted” basically won’t be able to trade with other players or send stuff to their alts via mail.

I’m a just a poor kid from a third world country in Africa. I have no means to spend any kind of money online. Meaning, for the foreseeable future, I’ll have a limited experience in lost ark when it comes to transactions with other players. I’ve always disliked that steam has this requirement, that doesn’t let me use its social features simply because I can’t pay, and there have been F2P games that limited your game experience due to this status. Now, sadly lost ark is about to become one of these games.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a pity post. It’s just confusing to me that they had to resort to something like this when one of this game’s major selling points is the fact that it is “super F2P friendly”, and now I’m required to pay or I’ll have a limited experience? How hard is it to implement something like a 2 factor authentication system? I was really excited for this patch until I saw the patch notes…


its literally ANY steam purchase, not just lost ark. You didn’t purchase anything on steam period ever?


Yes, I know this might be hard to believe for a lot of people who live in more modern countries, but there are many people like me who simply don’t have the means.


That honestly really sucks. Id offer to send you a gift on steam but gifts dont count.


You can still trade, you just can not initiate it. Honestly i think you are not going to miss out on much.

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Not being able to send things to friends or alts via mail is a pretty significant thing if you ask me. As a F2P player, any and all gold I’ll be making is through ingame trading + raiding gold. Something I’ve just been cucked from doing properly.

You trade via the auction house anyways, which is by the looks of it not restricted. So no loss on your side. Or do i miss something?

Even so, I don’t see why we can’t have a simple verification system like many other games do.

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so…let your friend send you a trade request? this game have face to face trade btw


I played for more than 650 and i NEVER used the mail system or the personal trade lol


wait till you get that one accessory or ability stone that would be perfect on one of your alts, and then you remember you can’t send it to them.

Like i said im at 650+ hours and i never used that system it’s not needed lol

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Like I said, later on sharing stuff between alts becomes increasingly needed

Why would i be wasting pheons to buy my t1,t2 and early t3 alts? it’s so stoopid


Stop playing videogames for XXX hours and earn 5 bucks instead… :man_facepalming:

I just said “later on” meaning once those alts are in high T3 you’ll need it. unless you’re planning on keeping them in lower tiers for whatever reason.

POV: you live in a modern country, and are clueless how limited some people are by the places they live in.



Exactly he can go outside and get 5$ instead of wasting 10 hours a day playing the game lol

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yeah, okay friend. You’re right :slight_smile:

Can’t you just use your roster storage?

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