So all those people saying that Inflation wont decrease?

Where are you now ?


Huh? everything is insanely expensive lmfao, you buy less hl now than before the nerf and oreha is through the roof.


I see you havent log into the game for a bit… Im glad you actually quit


That’s you in 2 days when frog is gone and prices will explode while people still make -20k a week.


you mean engraving a thing that a one time purchase ?

you are losing it buddy, you are so convince the gold nerf wont help that you willing to die on the hill for it


No, mhl and ghl that are 30 now because of the frog and not the nerf.

When they triple back up with oreha at 40g, then everyone will finally feel the nerf sting and uninstall.

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you do realize those will only go down in price over time right ? I know you love to be wrong but if you are around I ping you when they drop even more

you do realize we get more MHL when monkey and higher chaos dungeon get release in April right ?

Fact is, people aren’t rational beings, and it shows in times like these. Little crisis, little burnout, and they form doomsday prophecies. Nothing new.

History of economics is full of such lunatics.

Fact is, everything that goes up must come down, it’s the cycle of everything


Imagine thinking the nerf will bring prices down so much you go in the plus.

First, the price must go down a lot just for your buying power to stay the same. Not more, not less, but same.

So if you could buy 1000 mhl per week pre nerf, now with less gold the price should go down so you can still buy 1000 post nerf.

And only AFTER that, it should drop even MORE, so you can claim the nerf actually helped.

Reality check: it will NEVER drop that low. The price is governed foremost by supply of the material not the inflation lmfao.
You will buy less, or in a huge fortunate event, the same.

Which leaves us with the fixed honing and quality costs that have not been changed. Less gold, less taps.

You come here pretending to know economics, it’s actually hillarious me and my coworkers laugh about you in every lunch break.


hey don’t mention buying power in these threads. every chimp sees AH price go down and that automatically means its a good change for them even if their weekly income also tanked


dont worry Groenland will live on :slight_smile:, as well as the gold nerf.

Yes they will, along with the fact that you are wrong.

The gold nerf was sooooooooo bad… like SO bad.

Anyway thanks to that and the bot ban, I got to buy a lv10 gem for 400k less gold… and I got to finish my tripods on my reaper because the prices magically got so much lower.

But gold nerf was bad btw please give upvote! TYVM

keep coping though :slight_smile:

So someone actually paid you so they could give you a lvl 10 gem?

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Um lol how out of touch can you be… lv10 gems before this patch was 800-900k gold in nae.

dw im convince he doesnt play and only live on the forum

So…just to understand.

You think the bot ban, so less bots.
And the gold nerf.

Caused a 400k price drop in lvl 10 gems?

I really hope not, because you’re 180 degrees off track.

Bot ban causes gems to rise in price. Gems go lower when sorc bots flood the market. Proven fact, countless times.

Gold nerf affected people in 1445-1490 range. The same people that would take an year to afford one lvl 10 gem. You think the sellers halved their price because these 1445-1490 players weren’t making 800k any more and couldn’t purchase a steady stream of lvl 10 gems?

Man…i don’t know how else to break it to you but…brah…

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how do you think people can afford level 10 gem, without the obvious of swipe or RMT

Market is dynamical, adjustments are made all the time.

One of them being, people leaving.

I’m glad you’re enjoying my posts :slight_smile:

At least some positivity in your sad little life.

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