So apparently people cannot even press their buttons?


16% of people have reached 302 itemlevel

and only 12% of those people press their awakeningskills ? is this for real?`

It’s not 12% of those people, it’s 12% of the total. Obviously you cant use awakening if you are not lvl 50.

so what about the 4% that are 302 itemlevel and do not use awakenings skills or even equip an ability stone ?

I have myself two alters that are in those statistic, because they are just gold boosted and left resting without doing more than a chaos now and then.

Afaik these achievements are accountwide so your alts are not in this statistic.

My bad. Then I suppose that it’s mixed between people that have just reached 302 and a small amount of people than actually don’t know there’s an awakening skill. But it’s a very small percentage anyway.

I think there’s more to this statistc than meets the eye.

First, the game is out for 3(?) weeks in the west and quite a lot of people do have to work, are at school/university or do other stuff and don’t get to play all that often. I have just managed to get to ilvl 420 and since most of the hard content is not available due to overloaded dungeon servers I didn’t use my awakening skill “that often”.

Second, botting programs already include functionality to create a new steam account. Afaik these bots use the large amount of gold you get at the beginning to farm and then create a new account (…) so there are shit tons of accounts that will never reach awakening.

If you account for both cases 12% doesn’t sound that crazy to me.