So apparently smurfing is a thing in this game as well

Post your explanation of Ultra 8 Master destoyer in here!

Is easy to do it by rushing a 26 character on another server.

You can have as much smurfs as servers in your region.

But idk how they get any profit from it when they can’t mail the things to a main acc

I did not understand it is a cheater or something

Smurfing in Competitive modes means to create a new account or character that has significantly lower starting Rating then your main account/character to kinda Flex on worse players and also boost an account with ease

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Basically he either has a second account, same account but plays a different region or he is a natural talent with 20h playing the game and being in top 200 NAE PvP.

They can use the crystals from the end of season rank rewards to buy crystalline aura, which work cross server (or last I checked), but I doubt they are doing that for that specifically.

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Maybe he just created deatroyer on new account cuz he want test it without buying new slots or delete currents characters ? Whats wrong with it he has 2,4k MMR so he is not a new player. Why OP makes problem with that ?


What makes this a smurf?

He isnt level 50, has level 7 stronghold, looks like a brand new account that has hit level 32 or whenever pvp starts

Yeah but pvp is normalized and doesn’t give xp. Maybe that’s all he does, which would leave you with a low roster level, low level, etc. I mean sure, possibly a smurf, but who cares? It’s not like matchmaking stratifies by skill level.

he is ultra 8 so he has barely played any pvp

Then it makes even less sense to call it a smurf instead of a new player.

Ranked PvP is pointless.

For the past 10+ years, I’ve strictly played PvP games online and this system is a laughing stock.
I don’t know a single other game where not playing is actually better if you want to keep your rank in the leaderboards.

On top of all the other matchup, rank difference, team composition balance and other issues.

Like who the hell though ELO/MMR is a good metric to use for the leaderboards. No wonder noone cares about PvP.

Maybe with 800 ping they will have a chance

Most do it to train new classes in a competitive environment.

Unranked has very volatile skill levels and ranked provides the most equalized skill-level.

Since they do not want to lower their MMR for training new characters they make new accounts.

Unranked has very volatile skill levels and ranked provides the most equalized skill-level.

You know what’s funny. It’s the other way around nowdays.

Whenever I queue ranked, it’s 3+ minutes to get a game and it’s always a match with huge MMR difference. From silver to diamond.

When I queue unranked, in almost every game everyone’s at least supreme 7 and they’re obviously at least decent. Noone plays ranked anymore because it’s such a dumpster fire.

People with low ranks get tilted and give up, people that are happy with their MMR just play once in a while not to decay.

can transfer through market no? i dunno im not crazy enough to play on more than one server lol

I wonder what the chances are that we can get any confirmation on whether or not action will be taken against the players stealing extra PvP master/GM ranks?

I am finding it harder to ignore this anticompetitive practice, and grow more curious whether AGS has just written off the potential sale of high ranked pvp rosters entirely

You are getting matched based on rating, there is no reason to post somebody’s profile with lvl 7 roster to prove a point, as soon as you unlock PvP you can get grandmaster and it is not cheating or something. The guy got high rank, what are you trying to complain about? I would rather complain about 2370 and 1841 guys in the same lobby but that is because PvP is unpopular so can’t be solved realistically.

If you really believe that having ultra 8 roster level 7 account in master/grand master is possible without smurfing you are delusional. He isn’t even supreme, which means that’s like 2nd week of PvP played on the account, and last week he was in like top 5% matches played after grinding through limits(which was like 25-30 games for me?).

You want to tell me that he is a natural born talent who got into game last week, skipped PvE after he got to Luterra and went straight into top 200 NAE PvP with no game/PvP experience in a matter of a week? I’ll tell you it’s bullshit, this is a smurf with a different roster, who abuses that the first competitive matches are giving him more MMR to get multiple spots in Masters, lock them up playing 1 game every 10 days and claiming royal crystals (which are account wide).

And the best part? That’s why you see people in Masters having either 1000-2000 games, but some only have 46 with like 75-80% win rate.
There are no natural talents, only hard earned skill, and many hours sunk into smurf rosters by people with skill, so they can lock positions in top 200 for royal crystals. And if they fail, they just create new smurf rosters to get more crystals. Worst case – smurf accounts, to buy things and mail to their main account.

Tldr: roster 7 alone isn’t a problem, but him being ultra 8 and roster 7 is a big point that he climbed to top 200 on the second week of existence.