So apparently you can go into the arena without a weapon

Since i couldn’t find a post like this one, (maybe i’m just blind) i wanted to tell people to be cautious when they go into arena without a weapon equiped they wont be able to use any spell. It just happened to one of my mate in my match this morning.

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yep, that happened to me too once after i transfered my weapon and it got automatically unequipped :smiley:

haha yeah i’ve seen a paladin with no weapon in 1v1 battlegrounds it was ridiculous.

Impossible, my deadeye has guns for hands even when he eats

Hm why would you unequip your weapon in the first place? But ty for info

Perhaps different Integrated Preset with separate gear on different preset profiles. I have noticed if you saved one with an old gear set that is no longer available when you swap profiles instead of just leaving gear in a slot if none exists from the original profile that Lost Ark unequips those slots instead. Intuitively players, at least I expect the logic, to leave slots as-is should something old that was saved is no longer available. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Just one possibility.

Also, if you have a WEAPON SKIN equipped it will still APPEAR as if you have a WEAPON EQUIPPED when, in fact, you do not. I had this happen to me after a profile swap on a guardian when to get to the next one was back through the middle for the respec/gear swap area and I was switching Skills using the Preset. I failed to check the gear and had a no-longer-available weapon stored. It LOOKED LIKE I had a weapon equipped. I had to run back to equip my weapon and then get back to the guardian. So, yeah, I could see this happening. I have a PVP preset as well. I check them all carefully now especially as SKINS show items equipped even if none are in those slots.