So apparently you can't alt + click on the new Una gold tokens to use them all at once

you need to feel the weight of the gold

This guy gets it. Everyone knows that bots are not able to do repetitive actions.

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:smiley: yes everything in this forum is so blown out of proportion its just funny. AGS actually made allready an statement that they are looking into this issue… and people are still making posts about how mad they are, because they have to click in an action mmorpg :smiley: lul

just to show again how toxic you kids are

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This was probably coded by the same guy they have do the fever time events.

it has that malicious annoyance feel to it.

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wow that harley comment is so embarrassing.

well, something as simple as
will solve this problem

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You really screenshot and circled in red instead of using the built in quote feature, I can’t imagine a bigger waste of time to “prove a point” that holds next to no validity.

By the way. Something more I found out about this. It doesn’t even work on Gold Coins you get from Rapport anymore and that 100% used to work before. So they probably broke activating multiple items entirely. No idea if you can activate multiple books at a time or not though but you can’t do it with any gold coins.

you can activate multiple engravings if thats what you mean by books.

yes so minor impact

removing gold from rapport is also minor impact
making everything from infinite chaos bound is also minor impact
3 day gold tradeban is also minor impact
one bot is a very minor impact
many more things are individually a very minor impact

everything is just minor impact, nobody is allowed to complain and if you do point out any flaw then you are instantly a sociopathic family murderer

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had to do 760 clicks because I chos small pouches…

They most likely were in rush and for some bizarre reason forgot to put that in. Should be fixed next patch most likely.

don’t put words in my mouth to try and justify your unreasonable behavior

removing gold sources from the player and inconveniencing them to click an item a few times are completely different topics

will be fixed next maint for sure, but people here act like the world is ending

making me manually click each coin like some kind of peasant?

The nerve

well, by clicking each gold coin 1 by 1 you will feel the weight of the reward :smiley:

I just couldn’t imagine being an adult and complaining about the tiniest things. But that’s just me.

“Oh no a minor inconvenience that’s most likely going to be patched with the next update! Let me make a forum thread complaining about it!”

I couldn’t imagine ever having that thought lol

so instead you do the exact same thing but complain about the complainers. good job mister adult

Complainception, a complaint about a complaint. :exploding_head: