So... Artist WONT fix support issue huh?

I remember back when people were like “shut up artist wont fix support shortage”… now… we have a dps shortage. go back to dps. let me get my quick parties.

also release legendary skins


It is not a dps shoratge, its a dead game population shortage :smiley:


fair lol

no worry, after the free engragvings are gone you wont see that many artist anymore


yeah i just got 5x3 on mine

I have seen less than 10 Ayaya above 1520. Just wait til Brel hard starts. Let along ayaya, even many supports alts aren’t 1560, There is still support shortage there.

Anyone can get to valtan and Vykas with power pass and hyper express lol

Its good, then most wont clear Hard mode FOMO. Gatekeep won’t get far worse to lower lvl content!

Just cause ppl are using artist as free gold with the free engraving, doesn’t mean the support shortage is fixed. Wait until the next dps classes get in line see how the table turn real quick… Slayer alone is going to kill it.

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Nah, think Aero itself will make it worse again

You say that yet my artist and many others are 1550 and we just need to do 1-2 hard and dismantle old in order to craft weapon and hone to 1560, so many braindead people here against Artist it’s so cringe.


everyday someone burnout and quit

bruh 3x3 engraving enough for support and building 3x3 is literally free all u need awakening , expert and class engraving , more than that is luxury goods

its not enough at all. You have always more choices as a support to be more helpful. Go VHP, go Drops of Ether, even HA is more helpful then 3x3 sup. People should rly start denying ppl with 3x3, thats just… lazy. Cheap. You can clearly tell they dont give a * about that Char.

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in this game there is not a single mech you need vital hit point if everybody in your team have 2 hands and know fight.

Imagine stop dps and pick ether from floor.Actually dps lose … and if u need ether means you can’t build your character.

I didnt say needed, i said helpful.
In my eyes, supports are there to be more helpful for their teams so they can focus dps as much as possible.
If u have VHP, you can solo stagger west room without nades so your dps can focus only the Dog. you can stagger g4 instead of catch so they dont need to watch their cd for stagger. G5 P2 mostly Sups without VHP fail their staggerchecks. You can solo stagger vykass g3 if everyones dead ( GL without VHP ) and so much more.
And in no fight you have 100% DPS uptime, there are always mechs to do or the boss jumps around what so ever. idk what sups u see where they stand where their drops are, but if you stand by your grp mostly they spawn in them or little away. No need to hunt them right away, they stay a little. but like i said, its HELPFUL.
Thats, in my opinion at least, 3x3 sups is not enough. its trash


relax dude. i have 4x1560 im not even flexing. im just saying there will be support shortage at brel hard g56 regardless ayaya release. not a single word in my sentence which i said i hate artist.

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Aeromancer will fix the dps shortage

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There won’t be support shortage, Supports will struggle to get into lobbies just like now, You know how many 1560+ supps I get applying to my lobbies? Shows how the state of support is right now.

lets come back to this in two days when everyone get to g56 :smiley:

Idk some support mains got really annoyed by the fact they can’t join to farm content to earn gold even when they are overgeared so they started kicking their supps out of their rosters.

End game will have less supports now so maybe artist might make it worse