So basically engaging in the economy whatsoever can risk to a ban?

So much blood money floating around that it will screw players over despite being legitimate… I would say I’m surprised but I’m not.

First time in AGS game?(yeah-yeah, AGS is publisher)

Yes actually. I didn’t play new world and didn’t care for the hype.

Played NW and things here are nothing new tbh. Got banned for a week and AFTER ban was lifted(week passed) they sent me a mail stating that my ban was lifted.

Pretty much the worst publisher/Developer in the entire gaming industry in terms of Customer service… at least that I have seen. They legitimately don’t care and routinely lie to players about their processes.


I mean after hearing the stories of new world I wasn’t really thrilled knowing AGS had their name in this game. I was a fan before the official western launch. They have done some good for our release, but it feels the bad is outweighing the good. I don’t like it when games implement systems or whatever to punish legitimate players.

Oh, you prob don’t know how EU\NA version bugged. I love this game, don’t get me wrong but I played in ru servers before to not be a totaly new player. And perfomance is a big problem. LMB bug is still a thing(when LMB don’t registered in game) and bot problems.

Is this about the EU streamer getting banned? How about you receive 500k gold and not expect a ban. Lol idk why that streamer didn’t think where that 500k good came from

This is such a flawed argument - it’s not the streamers responsibility to figure out where any currency originated from, let alone 500k. Is it an insane amount of gold to most normal players, sure. The fact that AGS is putting this ownership on the recipient is wild. Ban the person sending the gold and remove the fake gold from the economy. Send a response to the player that the gold had to be removed as a result of it being illegitimate. If it was for jewelry or AH, reverse the sale. Does the player still potentially lose? Sure, they might’ve been offering a service for that gold. Using a method like this one, you hit the gold sellers in the pocket and still retain paying players in your game. (you’re welcome)

But banning someone for RMT when you can’t prove that they actually spent real money is just wrong and fraudulent… If you want to catch and ban people - Set up a honey pot on RMT websites. This way you actually have proof of people swiping for it. Reverse those transactions and ban them at that point. All this speculative fear banning is lazy.


Well deserved.

Bussing should be banned. If they get banned by the roundabout way of receiving RMT gold, which bussing encourages and circulates, then good for us.

Kek. I bus and getting busses with several characters. I pay with legitimate gold that I produce through the game or when I’m driving i’m getting paid with gold that I do not care where the passenger got cuz I’m not his bank or AGS or his mom. If they want to ban someone obviously they should ban the rmter who went into a 3rd party website and bought illegal gold there.

With your logic you should be banned as well cuz the latest 20g rock you sold in AH was RMT gold that a random bought.


So basically give everyone that rmt’s a pass as long as it happens through the auction house?
clearly its not my responsibility when someone else buys this blue tier 1 ring i randomly put up for 500k.

What are you talking about, giving rmters a pass? With the way things are right now, everyone loses, AGS included. Let’s not take anything I said out of context. I go on to say next “Ban/suspend/warn (your pick AGS) the person sending the gold and remove the fake gold from the economy. Send a response to the player that the gold had to be removed as a result of it being illegitimate”.

That’s not giving them a pass. In that scenario if someone does RMT they lose the gold and they lose their IRL investment. That would be a clear and workable solution that would impact an RMT buyer still, while also discouraging the behavior if in fact that’s what actually occurred and while still maintaining the potential for revenue generation from that account.

Would you not feel like AGS was protecting you if you got a message stating that some dude who tried to send you gold, was sending you illegitimate gold instead and it was stopped before you got caught up in it? I would. At that point I wouldn’t have to scrutinize who is sending me gold, their intentions, if it was good bad etc in a video game.

Suspended people fighting through the current support system are people that aren’t in the game swiping in the in-game store.


Before all of the 3 day holds on gold I would list something and hope somebody buys it. Now after they implemented all of these restrictions, on the occasional rare drop I happen to get I think to myself…I hope this item is good enough for someone to RMT for it because more likely than not those are the people that would be buying it because the average person doesn’t have enough gold on hand and has no way of obtaining it before the listing expires.

But it is the game developers responsibility to put filters in order to stop possible cases of RMT and generate a ban asap before that gold flows into the economy. That’s why is better to temporarily suspend and reactivate if it was a false positive.

All these systems are automated, you won’t have an intern rotatio 24/7 checking if little Jimmy received an awkward amount of gold and the system made a red light lit up.

If the system triggered the rmt automation flag, then it is very likely that a case of it is going on and you want to stop this asap. The dude hasn’t been banned yet? Well, these ppl don’t work on weekends so it will be a bit before something can be done.

The issue is support is an epitome of trash.

I for once am happy to know their detection systems are becoming less forgiving. This and the 6 months ban for some op’s friend for RMT are signs that AGS/SGR are actually caring for this issue.

I agree with you here to a point - the main issue here is the appeals system that AGS has in place is awful. If false bans were overturned without like a day or 2 maybe… but the majority of these cases are flat out ignored sometimes for weeks on end.

If they are going to use automated systems like this to ban suspected players they need to have systems in place to handle false positives. They do not have anything like that in place right now.

The funny thing is that AGS is telling people that are trying to appeal their bans that there are no automated systems in place and that every single ban is verified by a real person. Obviously we know that this is not true since they have mentioned these systems in several posts in the past. The fact that they are LYING about this to players is very telling about the appeals process.

This is assuming that the system that they have developed is in any way accurate or that it is able to differentiate between RMT and a normal transaction/gift.

Agreed. They have no real training and in addition to that they have literally no tools available to them to do their jobs.

I would be very happy about this too if it weren’t for the fact that they clearly have missed the mark in terms of accuracy and in addition to this they have failed to address the underlying issues with their support structure. Meaning that if someone IS falsely banned it is nearly impossible for them to get unbanned in any reasonable amount of time.

The funny thing is I bet they aren’t “Technically” lying and they have been referring always to the process of ‘Reviewing’ aka after a request has been sent.

There is virtually no way to find this out, hence why you just input some thresholds when developing security systems. You must flag suspicious activity and have your system time it out to minimize any risk of a breach happening.

But again, we go back to their atrocious support system.

Honestly, you don’t need training for attending customer service and you will memorize with practice. Is excruciatingly naive to read so many comments thinking some “Customer service course” will train these people to deal with the cases available. Their best procedure is simply following whatever they are handed to answer by coworkers.

People need to realize these users are most likely needing to fill up forms to retrieve the data from an user and the best bet is receiving the general information along a couple fields like “Account status: Banned”, “Status summary: Cheating” which they will reply.

Since this is literally Amazon support and not AGS’s support properly (Cause it was closed!) the data available is very sensitive and you will hardly disclose actual logs of transactions with these workers.

I wouldn’t dare affirm this. For once, I don’t trust any client on these claims because they will always try to save their face or investments and will easily go full ballistic to make noise.

Second, the amount of reported false positives here are nowhere near close to the right ones. Just think how we went from like 900k users to 200k one week and you got some scattered posts only. Bet you it wasn’t only bots here.

Plus, even if it is excruciating, there are quite a good chunk of users who recovered their account.

Not saying “AgS gOoD” but the fiability of whatever the hell they are using to flag and ban users is pretty good. Customer Service is just another circle of Dante’s inferno.

Imagine getting 200k absolute BIS necklace and getting banned for selling it because whoever bought it was using RMT gold. That is dumbest fucking thing I’ve ever heard of. Amazon and SG are absolute jokes.