So battlepass is twice per year and tiered by F2P, +$20, +$30

This is a good information on the battlepass from RU server :

F2p = Gives Mats
+20$ = Doubles the mats in total with the F2p. And also gives Exclusive Pet/Mount etc
+30$ = No additional mats. Gives only Skins and Crystals (And you can only buy it after f2p pass is max level)

And also it’s once per 6 months, and it runs for 3 months. In RU his first battlepass is on 1st of june, and his second battlepass is on the 1st of december.

This is totally a good battlepass system. I’m totally gonna get it as a f2p and want to support the game developer !!!

What do you guys think ?


It is fine. Though people will freak out regardless…


How do you get it as F2P? xD

You just get it, cause the free version is free. Thats why we call it free version.


Lol why release content that gives honing mats when you can just sell them in a battlepass, very cool!

I think it’s a good idea.

But people need to understand that P2W is only bad when it locks F2P people, here it’s not the case, and i’m gonna buy it.

Russia has cheaper prices than we ever will btw.

I think they should make it cosmetic only if it requires money.

hope that skin is account wide and i can use it on my bard and next week on my paladin

it’s gonna be awesome if it is like that

Cheaper what? Russia is fucking heavy p2w compared to this

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Skin is never account wide.

The prices are cheaper… because they have less currency. Just pointing out that their pricing won’t be 1 to 1 with ours.

i better unlock Tier 3 stuff that give mats soon then, still at tier 1 despite being 1070+! :stuck_out_tongue:

They literally gave us waaay more mats on events and gifts FOR FREE than the whole content on this battle pass

It’s going to be great - I hope it works exactly like that.

People who don’t think will gonna cry anyway, so you do what you wanna do. Just wanted AGS don’t freak out and just delete the arkpass systems because of these crybabys.

They might do some good changes like let us buy the first paid tier with blue crystals or something like that haha (Just like they did with the crystaline aura and the pet system change)

sry to tell ya dude, but you already way past tier 1.

Yeah, but I can’t do any Tier 2 content besides Guardian Raids… need to quest further to unlock the others, been getting my honing mats off vendors.

depending on the skins that come with it, i may get the $30 pass. Otherwise i’ll stick with the $20