So battlepass is twice per year and tiered by F2P, +$20, +$30

uuuuh, ur supposed to sail to the next continenth and grab the quest there…
the guide quest normally leads you there. ilvl600 is t2

No duh… I said that in the first comment you responded too. :roll_eyes:

your comment says ur in t1…on ilvl1070…
i really hope it’s a mistype.

Great. Would buy all tiers.

If that’s the case - even better!

We’re talking about the battlepass.
Also, “free”. Lol yeah dude, sure. Free. LOL

I was talking about the content I can do… not my gear. Think that’d be self explanatory when I said I needed to “unlock stuff”… :expressionless:

but you arent a f2p if you get it ?

Im just comparing the amount of Free mats they already gave you vs the amount you can get with the premium BP, they already gave us Tons and tons of free mats.

If you breath you are no longer a f2p u.u

Events are not relevant to battlepass.