So... Bot ban wave, but no mention of RMT punishment at all?

Big ban wave incoming for bots, great! No cap. But what about the RMT’ers!? The source of why the bots exist! Like @Roxx help me understand why there is 0 mention of this. You guys giving no reassurance of harshly and swiftly punishing RMT’ers is what’s keeping me and many others from returning. 3 day suspensions is not even a slap on the wrist. Are AGS and SG prepared to do what is necessary to cut off the infection of illegitimate players?


Do you need an hourly mention of things that are mentioned all the time?


Yeah you run a “very high risk” of a 3 day ban. Get real man


You’re a known troll in these forums and I have had you ignored for a long time, do not respond to my posts with your shilling for them. Do not reply to this or anything from me.


They have confirmed this many times over, how many times do you need to be coddled until you get it?

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Does anyone have any evidence of any player ever being permanently banned for RMT? Just curious


Confirmed what? Where’s all the ppl talking in discords and on reddit how they’re getting perma’d for RMT? That would exist. It does not. Which means they are not permabanning players. They are doing shitty 3 day suspensions.


“Look at me, im always right and you’re always wrong”

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the benefit of the ban wave didnt even last over 10 mins this time and some1 reports bots r back alrady~ :upside_down_face:


That type of thing would be better announced the day of implementation. And very broadly spread, but not before the implementation.

If they said “Hey there will be penalties starting next patch” there’ll be a huge rush to buy all the RMT available.

Why would penalties not apply retroactively? I don’t expect it to be a “going forward” thing. I expect it to be a “We’re going to perma everyone that has been discovered to purchase any gold from a 3rd party ever.”

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Please, show some evidence of a single person that has been permanently banned for RMT. Even if it’s anecdotal. I genuinely want to see it


CM addresses a pressing issue that everyone is concerned with
Miserable forum user scans the post addressing issues everyone is concerned with
Instantly tag CMs because you dont approve of what was said

Youre all cringe


All everyone needs is AGS / Smilegate to come out here and tell us every single time an account is caught making an RMT transaction, that account is permanently banned.

There are no posts that state this. Statements like the one Roxx made are supposed to be vague. It’s so that a faulty system, like the punishments of RMTing, can continue to be faulty.

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If there was any intention at all of punishing RMTers in a meaningful way, it was a complete failure.

I’m not going to say everyone RMTs now but there’s bound to be more than 20% of the playing population who have and possibly more.

AGS is afraid to fully alienate the big spenders. Ignoring the past and enforcing going forward is the only way to cater to them without losing their revenue.

The confirmation of the policy has been made clear many times. No company has ever commented on specific bannings and I don’t expect it to start here, you are wasting your time.

I know what you’re saying, but to be clear, I don’t need an announcement from them on each individual permaban. But i need to know what their stance is and that they are committed to it. If they were committed to permabanning players. We’d see tons of posts on reddit and discords and youtube videos of ppl getting banned for RMT. Instead we hear the same story of 3 day suspension. That is not good enough.

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That’s actually not true. Players in WoW got banned all the time. There weren’t mass posts about it.

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I just said, I don’t need an announcement. I just need proof. And that proof doesn’t have to come from AGS/SG. We’d see it from users on discord and reddit and maybe even here in the forums of ppl being perma’d for RMT and they’d try to say they’re cracking down and/or deny they ever did it.

read or search before you post

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