So... Bot ban wave, but no mention of RMT punishment at all?



At this point, I’m starting to regret not RMTing


Same, I feel dumb as hell for not doing it. I’d be maxed out and big chilling


I mean wasn’t there an issue with people not reading with the Feiton Powerpass too?

As I tell everyone who is crying about banning RMTs, instead of crying “BAN RMTS AMAZON” and doing nothing else, propose a realistic solution. Crying all day is not a feedback.
The reason why ppl are RMTing externally is ofc it is much cheaper than the Royal Crystal.
Make Royal Crystal cheaper than chYna. Play a chicken game. Amazon you are a big whale group so killing those small bot companies is not a big deal. Money flows to efficient path everyone knows that. And you all want to close your eyes on how expensive the Royal crystals → gold is but just cry all day lol. Inflation and consequence of lowering the royal crystal value? I don’t fucking care lol. You wanted RMT cuts. Here is your solution. Money will naturally flow into Royal Crystal.

There is no mention of RMT bans in the notice about the bot ban wave because the bot ban wave is happening specifically to cull bots to clear queues, and the message lets players know to reach out if they get caught up in this.

Our bot ban algorithms do not have an impact on RMTers, because these are two extremely different types of “players” being tracked and actioned against in different ways. Reports of RMT are still being actioned against, but not as a result of the bot banning process that is happening.


Thank you for clearing that up.

We would still like to see a stricter stance on RMT punishments. Your previous statement about not perma on first offense and subject to change on severity or whatever kinda opened the flood gates for many people to risk it.

Edit: queues are back on at least 1 server I know of, NA-W Mari. Not even 1 day. Is it not possible to leave the ban script, if any, running continuously?


@Roxx You should have omitted the section that it doesn’t affect RMTers. That definitely had the potential of curbing RMT.

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atleast be thankful… u ddnt wait for an hr to play…

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Called itttttttttttttttttttttttttt

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I’ve seen some people claiming to be “permanently wrongly banned” after they keep turning to live support and getting unbanned after a few hours
I think these are what they call high risk lmao

I think people should slightly change their approach when it comes to talking about RMT and be extremely precise to be able to truly hold AGS/SG accountable because at the end of the game AGS/SG are companies/businesses and one of the couple of fundamental cores that influences their executive decisions is the legality and policies,

Let’s play some devil advocate tho.

Technically almost everybody RMT, but there are the handful of individuals that are true f2p.

Players that RMT via 3rd party sources
Players that RMT via purchasing royal crystals

What is RMT? At the most basic level, real money trading is the exchange of virtual goods, including in-game currency, and services for real world currency. But some of the confusion occurs when the discussion turns to the two different types of RMT markets.

The rule of thumb for determining whether an action is RMT is whether something of value in the real world is exchanged for something of value inside the virtual world.

When people demand punishment for RMT or #permabanRMT, then in this context you’re asking AGS/SG to ban everybody who RMTS under those examples.

The popular opinion and apparently tacit knowledge is that players want to punish other players who rely on 3rd party sources for illegal gold. AGS/SG doesn’t see it that way and all they see is perma ban potential customers.

RMT is both a source for bots and the business/companies.

Rather than blaming RMT for disparity and inequity concerning access to items and such, AGS/SG should get to the heart of the problem that being bots. With the current registration process, it’s a system design imposing no restrictions which effectively allows the mass production of bots that ultimately leads to the queue times, the inflation, the current broken irreversible economy, the transfer of items and letting them function in absolutely the same way for any player who comes into possession of them.

TLDR: #RedevelopRegistrationProcess #BeMoreConciseWithDemands

Everyone knows what we’re referring to when we say RMT. It means outside the game. I have no problem with legitimate whales. But there are not this many in the game. The cost is too high for those doing it legitimately. Let’s not turn this conversation into some stupid semantics thing, when we all know what we’re talking about. 3rd party gold sellers/buyers.

Can you please let amazon know that we are TIRED as players on the lax stance on RMT. PERMA BAN THEM ON FIRST OFFENSE FOR ANY AMOUNT. The fact that they cheat and keep their progression doesnt deter them from doing it again, and the largest offenders are the biggest problem. ZERO TOLERANCE ON RMT. The people like me who have spent thousands of dollars legitimately suporting amazon are getting sick and tired of this


If even Zeals says that AGS/SMG need to do something against RMTers, maybe you should do something really fast. It is out of hand and f2p gets ****** in the ***, because nobody can buy things with that prices on the AH…



Okay so I’m going to attempt to be civil here and hope that you reply @Roxx . You say this post was to target bots so the queues clear up and to let players know that are caught in the crossfires this could potentially happen to them. So let’s start here, we both know bots are not just clogging up the queues to say “Fuck you AGS/SG and real players!” and taunting about, they are clogging up the queues because there is a demand for something they provide… gold. So by not addressing both issues simultaneously you are ignoring the root cause of the problem. The root cause is the people buying 3rd party gold, the bots are the effect.

Now the next thing you say is very disturbing to me “Our bot ban algorithms do not have an impact on RMTers, because these are two extremely different types of “players” being tracked and actioned against in different ways.” That last bit there about they are being "actioned’ against in different ways. WHY? Why would one not be treated the same as the other. Both are to blame equally. So why are we soft on RMT and hard on bots, when it should be equal to both parties?

At the end of the day, you missed the mark. That statement could have easily addressed both issues because they go hand in hand. And to talk about one without the other is… how do i say this nicely?.. Not good.

If any legitimate spenders are reading this, please avoid using the store til they change their stance on RMT. I and several other large swipers are not going to spend a dollar until amazon LISTENS to the player base. PERMANENT RMT BANS. We need to make amazon listen with our money


i could never understand why you just a normal ordinary player relentlessly keep on demanding the company’s move on these things to be informed to you in details

i guess you must be the president of the united states in real life

or else

its GG

I don’t need responses from shills and/or trolls that have nothing to add other than insults. Do not respond to my post(s). You are being moved to ignore

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yup because why would president of the united states need to responds to a nobody

they only need to get answers from all the big guys