So can we please get some news on the tripod system a timeline something?

Read the patch notes we got a lot of bug fixes and quality of life and i am very happy with getting the improved trixion.

But what i would like to know and many others some news on the tripod system ?
Thank you.


most likely kouku patch or the one after that

maybe in december, who knows with this lack of communication


We desperately need this update and need advanced notice of at least 2-4 weeks.

I’m so tired of hoarding tripods.

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Roxx said they would try to warn us ahead of time about when it would be coming, anyone who assumed it was today was living in a different world than ours.

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I don’t think we’ll get it before clown. It’s too high of a power boost

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I already have max tripods on my main, 20% is the same as 10% in this Game :sweat_smile:

Well, we are getting some updates from 5 months ago and the more recents ones are from 2 months ago.

Tripods will reach 2 months of being released in KR on 09/27, so maybe it will also come with kakul and scouter for us. “We want a steadly flow of content, but we will release everything major together in one patch.”

At this point i’m not doubting that they don’t release this month at all, well one more thing to dislike them, but i like the game so anyway. . .

We ask from faster class cadence = slower class cadence
We ask for Tripod Change = Not releasing in two good moments, who knows when it will be released. Neitheir to satisfy those who want a official statement of when is released to them start preparing for it.

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that post from roxx was a month ago, and i didnt assume it was today, but i would like some better communication and i know its not up to roxx.

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What power boost? This is a rework of the tripod inventory system to have unlimited slots basically.


We know players are eager to see this new system come to the game. When we have information on a timeline available to share, it will be shared.


no worries at these rates soon here will be not many of us left.

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I understand that but also at the same time it also a bit frustrating for lack of a better word to not know some more details.
Part of why people are frustrated and eager (some take it overboard) are these vague notices we get of its coming when its coming.
I would love for us to get a bid more head room on stuff like this.
And I know its not up to you Roxx.
Thank you.

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I am gonna predict that someone says “but in korea they had 1 year of scraps so be happy with just this”

It is taking too long for us to get the latest balance patch and the tripod changes.

The whole player base can see what Korea are getting and when. Balance patches really should be coming to our version within a month of the Korean release.

The big balance patch in Korea came out on 10th August, so in my opinion, they should have been included in tomorrow’s patch.

The tripod change patch came to Korea on 27th July and they were given about one month notice so that players could get their tripods saved to the inventory. Five weeks later, we do not have the tripod change and you haven’t even told us to prepare for the change, meaning it is likely 1-2 months away.

This is just totally unacceptable. This is not content that needs to be gradually released, these are core changes made to improve the game overall that we need far, far faster.

Smilegate need to put a lot more effort into the western release. The player base do not have the patience to constantly play a sub-standard version of the game.


This is one of many reasons why I have been trimming my play time with this game and why I am going to just be taking a break.

Communication is 0/10 with this game and for massive changes like Artillerist (mine has been sidelonged since I heard about the KR changes…) or the tripod system. I fully expect to read patch notes and have to scramble for 5hrs before server is down to re-save my current tripods in my library on each character…that’s just a bullshit way to treat customers.

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I am literally one boring patch note away from falling asleep. There’s nothing to work on currently for Day 1 players, even horizontal content is starting to lack. Yesterday I ended up finishing my Yorn cooking meals missing for my tome just out of boredom. I’ve seen plenty Relic badge from souls and a handful of players are already 200+ roster level or close to it. My LM now has 5 full pages of tripods ready to adapt on the go and it’s my ‘‘second’’ main. I feel like Smilegate didn’t anticipate the Western release to strive and now they are just fumbling the ball to reach the expectations of the community to the point where they are losing their grip on their success. The sad thing about it is that everyone knows what to expect but we’re all clueless about the timeline of the roadmap to catch up. Kind of demoralizing but all we can do is hope for the best and be patient until we receive our little treat like good dogs that ran miles looking up to it on a string in front of us.


Korea got the PVE Balance patch / new Tripod system before Akkan raid release so that they can have time to prepare the new raid.

Global version players are expecting to have a new raid in a short time. Assuming Kakul is coming on 28th of September, tomorrow is going to be 3 weeks ahead.

Unless we are having the new patches in the next week, we won’t have enough time to prepare our new raid. And It is ridiculous to have balance patch coming with or after our new raid. Which I don’t need to explain.

In terms of localisation with the balance patch wouldn’t take this long since there are only few skills need to be updated.
It has been already 4 weeks after Korea got their balance patch and 3 weeks they got hotfixed.


So you (AGS as whole, not you specifically) know that we want this, know why we want this, know it importance and yet decide not to release it fast? Or this is plain SG decision to not allow us to have this new system?

It was a good time to release in August because it was a weaker month in terms of content value in general, it was also good to release in September Part 1 together with all other QoL and allowing us to have it before Kakul, but will it be release with September Part 2 patch? together with other major contents in terms of value? Or will postpone it because it have a chance that in the next roadmap will have another weak month in term of content value?