So - do you think that AGS and SG have plans to make future classes actually viable/relevant?

I know there are a lot of people that were expecting certain classes and unfortunately do not have the opportunity to play them as their mains. Even so, in the current environment it seems that all future classes will be released into obscurity.

LA is based on one main character progression. And people are forced to stick with that due to the great time, gold and material investment it requires. As proven on KR, classes released late will have lower populations overall.

For example, as Lance Master comes out now people will be excited to try it out. A lot of people already have 6+ chars or/and have heavily invested in a main character 1370+. Because of the 1340-1370 dead zone it will mostly manage to join an army of alts sitting at 1325-1340. You won’t be able to raid Argos or Valtan on Lance Master on Destroyer (near future) any time soon, unless you’ve specifically saved all your resources for that purpose or are willing to spend money.

So what’s the point of actually releasing new classes ? Is there going to be a content equalizer period where you can catch up and make that change? Because otherwise, the only people investing in new classes will be new players or whales.

I think an official statement should be provided. As with the current shown roadmap future class releases will turn into fodder alts, and that’s only if people decide they can handle any more of them alts. And the more time goes, the bigger the gap becomes.

Curious what the rest of you think.

Maybe they’ll release them with the express mission events copium

I can only speak for myself but no way I’m doing the story again for the 5th time just to play a “glaivier” (lol).

No way I’m spending the gold to skip the story either with how little gold I’m making nowadays. So I guess this release doesn’t matter to me at all. If it was actually something interesting like scout or reaper then maybe I’d power through again, but “glaivier” doesn’t appeal to me in the slightest. We didn’t need another martial artist.

Even if we get a powerpass I’m not gonna use it now. But I’m assuming the plan is to sell powerpasses in the store and then release new classes, making players feel pressured to buy a powerpass to enjoy the new class OR just grind away at the story for the 80th time if they don’t wanna swipe.

Yes, Lost Ark has held events to fast pass a character to the end game content (legion raids)

I think we should at least get to see what the character release schedule could look like so players can plan accordingly as this is not tied with progression content. Otherwise, the best you can do is start saving materials and keep at least 1 class within content to farm those materials.

Crucially, at 1370 you need to start farming GHLP as that will last you until 1445+, I think. So at least 1 character getting Honor leaps for 1302-1370 then a character getting GHLP for the next jump in gear.

Hyper express and T3 Punika powerpass helps a lot. Also when you get to 1385 you get the research to help with honing. And I think there’s another one at 1445? Between that and your Alts and planning ahead you can easily boost an alt later on to 1445 day one. But that won’t be for several more months most likely.

They said they would consider what we were saying and release the classes faster, then said, “nah, screw that” and are releasing them 1 a month. This allows people to save mats, but screws over progression on whatever you want your main to be. AGS doesn’t seem to care. They “heard” us, and apparently would rather use the BDO method of releasing 1 thing at a time to hype up costume sales. Yikes. Anyone defending them when they say they’re listening to us is either a bot or a whale that doesn’t have to care about normal play.

Your statement isnt true at all. Artist ranks 10th in most classes in KR. There is some balancing and QoL changes classes need for sure, but your statement just doesnt make sense. They generally do have an event to make it easier to progress a new class through content quicker.

If you were planning to invest in a main swap, you most likely sat at 1385 and hoarded materials until then.

They wait for enough class releases that whales more or less demand powperpasses in the store like every other region.

drip. feed.


id like to think its obvious the future classes are going to be good. its the old ones you need too worry about

Is it not, I wonder? In this game you pick a main character and you stick with it. If you think you’ll be switching your main every other week/month (regardless of events) - you’re in for a big surprise :slight_smile: Some people will eventually change their main, yes … but that will set them back a lot in terms of progression (even months, depending on the state of the game). Or, you know, a “little” bit of $$$.

Right now people are focusing everything on one character so they can get it to 1415 for Valtan. Most of their alts won’t even see 1370 P1 Argos any time soon. Personally I think it’s kind of pointless to release new classes if you can’t even bring them to a point where you can actually raid with them a previous tier of content. Not the latest raid, but at least the ones before it :slight_smile:

Isn’t that why people play other classes? To eventually raid… right? I doubt they’re doing it to “enjoy” chaos dungeons or the guardians, like in the current meta.