So EU have more then double of the people NA have, still we had less server till the launch of EUW. Excuse me?

Mid 2021 the population of NA was 371.000.000. The population of EUat the same time: 744.000.000.

So basically double of NA.
So why the fuck did release Lost Ark with only 19 Servers for EU and 21 Servers for NA?
Excuse me? No wonder there are queues of like 15k + on every EUC server. Tihis game could have had much so much potential. But now? Friends dont wanne leave there server cause there is much progress in there chars. At the same time they cant even play the game but they still want to wait that other people leave.

I mean come on? How can a freaking company mess a huge game release up like this. They knew the game is hyped…

From me as a freaking EU player, first time im jealous about NA players.

Sadly in EU, Amazon cant afford servers/regions at launch.

Its basically a wait game now, who is willing to join the new region, who got the strenght to stay and wait in queue/use macros.

  • If one person leaves the server to EUW, one other stupid gold bot will jon.

I want so bad to play with my frriends togehter, now im here seeing a few switched the region, a few stayed and im here deciding what to do next…

Thanks amazon, thanks.


Don’t forget the game is limited a set amount of servers (crazy).

Can we push for refunds? Game is unplayable.

at this rate, Smile gate must take over the game, AMAZON’s ruining this game

The question is why did US get 2 different regions on release but the WHOLE of EU only got 1?

No, Sorry!

Smilegate is just as bad in this situation.