So events extended or no?

They don’t even give raid tickets to people who lose lockouts. no way everyone is getting them.

legendary class engraving books??

or is it just the usual couple boxes of silver, some dex food and utility battle box?

He is refering to the punika growth pack. It will be in the shop tomorrow and we shall all appreciate it.

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Long shot but I figured I 'd throw it out there… I’d certainly not turn my nose up at a free char slot, as they’re like the one thing that aren’t tradable so people can’t buy off of others through the market…

Yes please!

:sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Character reskin ticket? :')

mokoka outfit. please dont just give us 2 aura of resonance, that’s hardly compensation considering many players are playing 3+ alts

100 pls

What do u mean? They already gave 5 days of log in rewards when the month rewards already ended. The event was suppose to end 1 week ago. NA is so entitled to ask free stuff lol

probably getting 20 x5 plumes this time tbh

the news today is not as great as they thought for us players… pity thought it comes something nice and then comes something like this again.

Why are you even replying to a day-old post that Roxx already clarified? Clearly, you don’t even know what’s going on if you think that was being entitled. Keep living your White Knight life with blinders on and don’t bother replying, thanks.

Keep crying

Sorry Roxx, but is the the growth pack and the skin supposed to be the goodie to compensate for not extending the event?
That seems very disappointing.

The content of that goodie is only a fraction of what the event shop provided. This pack contains zero card packs, no books, no leapstones, the choice of tier mats compared to the event shop offering t1, t2 and t3 mats.

Why are you so stingy with this? I expected more for these constants delays, misinformation, changing communication at short notice.
Not to mention the AWFUL login rewards.