So first you nerf content and then rushing forward for endgame

Can someone explain why amazon does the same shit like they did in new world ?

First they nerf the t1 and t2 content to get it beginner - casual player friendly and in the same breath they release that the next patch will get the next endgame content in a hassle ?!

I mean maybe they should nerf nothing and give the new players just some time to get used to mechanics and get some more game knowledge instead of rushing through…

This game is a grinder everyone who watched videos befor this game started knew that so there is no need to rush with the content let the player be a littlebit longer in there area that they start to think about there builds an testing around and dont give them the feeling of they miss out if they dont play and pay like crazy that they can hold up with the insane content release speed

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It’s not the end game, it’s 1% of the end game.


It was clear from the beginning that we gonna get new content shortly after release because Gold River wants to release the legion raids rather sooner than later. And that was his decision and not Amazon decision.


Before a Legion Raid appears, we need to have all classes released, in my opinion.

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Go back to your RU/Korean server if you aint happy.
This is the western version, devs doing a great job keeping the flow.


Sywo made a great video explaining the nerfs on his youtube channel! Amazon is NERFING CONTENT in LOST ARK - YouTube
The TL;DR is that the game was close to dying in T1 and T2 and T3 is the winning formula, which is why they are nerfing the T1 and T2 content.

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it’s nowhere near endgame… we’re getting barely anything. and they’re acting like it should take a while to put these things up for us. the content is READY but they’re just delaying it for whatever reason… but i agree they need to fix their broken servers first before pushing content in. how the hell am i supposed to do any new content if there’s laag and bs in the server? queue takes forever and get’s bugged all the time. fix that shit before pushing more content…

So you gonna want to wait at least a year for the legion raids? They already said that the plan is to release new classes every 2-3 months.

Never believe what AGS tell you.

I’d have to rewatch the Gold River interview, as I think he said 1 class per month. However, I do hope this will change.

But I still have 2 more classes to get into the ilvl 1300+ gear. So once the Destroyer is released, throw a powerpass onto it and powerlevel it through into Punika within a 24 hour period.

i don’t even understand why would it be 1 class per month. it should be earlier than that as the classes are available… it’s not like they gonna create them from scratch wtf…

He said 2-3 months. But he never said that we only gonna get one class every 2-3 months. Could be multiple.

i mean… according to the lost ark website this morning we get argos tomorrow …

without having all classes or without most players being able to counter etc -.-

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The decision was made by SG not AMZN
watch the vid with gold river
the decision was made based off of other regions player feedbacks and retention data

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Where did the news post says it’s comes tomorrow? There even is a line with “We’ll share more (including the date and planned downtime) closer to when the update is ready.”.

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It’s a business decision.
The longer they drag classes, the more people will stick (if the relationship ase window ain’t too big) and Everytime one releases (since its only 1 and not several together) more chances for players to get into that class and thus spending money on it. Rinse and repeat.
Nothing wrong with this. They’re a business after all and have to make a profit also in the mid to long-term

the longer they drag classes the more boring it becomes. as we all know the classes are there they just don’t wanna release them sooner. we don’t ask for all the classes to be released at once. but they already removed a class to put the sorc in her spot which is pretty dumb. a class per 2 / 3 weeks sounds reasonable enough given that all of the classes are READY for our version. and they’re already launching us to Tier 3 but yet we don’t have the classes. makes no sense in this case.

if we got the game just like in KR where they started with tier 1 then tier 2 then tier 3 then sure i understand the delay of classes take longer since they were working on them and till they reach tier 3 they had all classes ready. now for our situation we’re not waiting at tier 1 for tier 2 to unlock for us then wait for tier 3 to unlock. we have it unlocked we’re just waiting for the content to be released. we’re not “waiting for classes to be built” you know?

Did they officially announce when the first legion raid is dropping or something?

They have to release things somewhat accelerated if we ever want to be on or near the same content patch as KR

not yet we don’t know anything about legion raids.

Wow, what a surprise, this community will find a way to complain about literally anything.

No new content? “Amazon, how dare you, I am quitting!!!” New content soon? “Amazon, how dare you, I am quitting!!!” Nerfs? “Amazon, how dare you, I am so hardcore and I am quitting!!!” No nerfs? “Amazon, how dare you, I am so casual and I am quitting!!!” Skimpy outfits “Amazon, how dare you, I am quitting!!!”. Less skimpy outfits? “Amazon, how dare you, I am quitting!!!”

God, I wish you would all actually quit already… But none of you will, you only come here to complain and to act like Jeff himself must be grateful that you are playing this game. Meanwhile you will keep on logging in daily, buying your auras and collecting Mokokos.

I’m starting to think that AGS should stop looking at the forums altogether. I can only imagine how hard it is to sift through these mountains of absolute trash, looking for legitimate feedback and criticism.


Shh no need for facts