So gold sellers advertising in lobbies is now a permanent, unfixable thing going forward?

It’s been almost two months since we’ve had gold sellers sitting in literally every type of lobby advertising their websites yet Amazon and/or Smilegate have done absolutely NOTHING about it.

I don’t understand - is it really that hard for them to ban those who have been idling in empty lobbies for days and weeks? It’s absurd that a trillion dollar company can’t be bothered to do anything about this. I can understand it being hard (it’s not impossible though) catching actual bots but not even doing anything about these advertisements is borderline despicable.

Here are all the guardian raid lobbies on EUC:

It’s a complete joke… At least give us a way to report them, even though 99% nothing will come out of it anyway but will at least make people feel better.

They can’t even stop bots, what were you expecting? lololol, they literally traded/threw their own community under the bus by banning VPNs to fight the bots and still failed.