So... Got my destroyer to 1385... My thoughts

Got my destroyer to 1385 today. I’m in absolute love with the class, mvp mvp mvp! Staggers, damage, even self protection! Then I remembered… The real honing begins. I had saved up a LOT of mats and it was enough to get me there, then I ran out of Gleaps and man, the time gating is real. Got my old zerker to 1402 and stopped with the announcement of destroyer. Just farmed every day. Now that I’ve switched mains, I have to do it all over again :frowning:

I feel the burnout happening even though I love the new class. I had the express mission, it helped, but doing a full zone, then honing to the next tier in 15 minutes, then doing it again, 5 times in one night was abusive to myself lol. I’m caught up though to at least being able to run south vern, but I’m afraid I held myself back too much by not pushing my old zerker to 1415 so I could at least attempt the new content.

It will come in time, but it’s getting harder to hunker down after blowing though 50k gold and 2 months of mats from one character, in a single sitting.

I’ll do my dailies and weekly things, but I think I’m done with just playing doing horizontal for now.

Tip for everyone; don’t chase too hard, take your time and enjoy the game. The honing fails will demoralize you. Albeit, I saw it about 200 times in the span of a day. Just remember that the content isn’t going anywhere.

I sprinted at the beginning of the marathon and I’m running out of breath.

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Good job! Keep goin.
it awesome to see someone found playstyle fit.


My main is 1100. I think I need 1302 for my next gear, but I can’t do 1302 Chaos yet. I guess I need to do Punika first or something. I know T3 is the roughest. When does it really get bad? Is it easy to get to 1340 at least?

Yeah, once you complete the MSQ in Punika, the first chaos dungeon will drop your 1302 gear. 1340 is easy peasy. 1340-1370 is a slog. Then you get the next set of gear from Oreha hard and Argos. Once you get all of those to +9 is when the journey begins. If your main is there though, take advantage of the events. Start farming Anguished isle now! You’ll get a box of 50 leap stones which will help a lot. It’s a fun journey the first time. Just don’t overdo it. If you start getting frustrated at hones, take a break.

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I mean you already past 1370, now it’s the easy part, if you hone effieciently.

How do you mean?

He means when you start getting close to 1400 upgrade your gloves/shoulders to 17 instead of equalizing everything. Each enhancement level beyond +15 gives you 15 gear score instead of 5 at +1-+15.

That way you’re still spending roughly the same mats to get 15 gear score levels instead of just 5.

:rofl: there is no such thing as honing efficiently

Ok, cool! Good to know! Thank you :smiley:

There is, if your set is all on a specific lv you start leveling specific pieces to +17 to save mats.

Reason for that is that you take advantage of the 15 ilvl increase past 15 to get to 1415



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I got mine to 1340 and stopped for now. Pretty much ran out of shards, leapstones, and mats. Going to keep mine there while I push my 1385 Artillerist to 1415. But Destroyer is probably my 3rd favorite character.

I love all these slower heavy hitters. Sorc, Artillerist, and Destroyer. I think I might make my Artillerist my new main, but we’ll see how I feel after a couple weeks of mat gathering for my Destroyer.

I might push my Destroyer to 1370 first, so I can start gathering Greater Leapstones at least.

ohh dam i wish i knew that sooner im at ful +11 armor +12 weapon :frowning:

You can leave everything at 12 and get 2 items to 17 with the same result. That’s what I did with my sorc.

you can still do it, that just means you have to hone less to get to 1415 now

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i got my glaivier a +20 weapon in exactly 1 month of her releasing, so yeah. keep it up

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Honestly Valtan is just worth it if you have stucked a tons of healh potions and have lots of time if you are minimun i lvl with average 3*3 engravings and 5+ gems

The relic gear drop chance isn’t that worth you have to be extremely lucky to get a good one

I kinda went a little overboard preparing for my main… He’s 3/3 and has almost all level 7 gems… I took all the gems off my zerker and 1340 gunlancer and sent them to my destroyer lol. They’re just farm whores now and the content is easy enough that I barely feel the loss on them lol. I hoarded every potion box, battle items etc. He now has almost 600 healing pots now xD.

I’m glad someone else likes the style! I prefer having to use my brain on this one, learn positioning and timing. I won’t use any swiftness aside from buffs from supports. I am getting the timing down really well. Stacking crit and Spec. I love those big numbers! Had the stars align and with a pally buff, their debuff and my armor reduction, rrrr–PING! 12M crit on Yoho with that beautiful perfect swing. At 1387! I haven’t smiled playing a game in a long time, and that juicy crack was what finally did it.

I’m grateful for the knowledge of the honing! It’s been nearly 2 months since I really messed with it so new strats are welcome!

Thanks for the encouragement!

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I’m also not too worried bout Valtan. I mostly just wanna finally be out of Punika and do hard Chaos Line and die a lot to Thunder wings and the chaos gate lol

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