So, here's what happened

I transfered my alt’s +20 glove into +12 Brelshaza glove and then tapped until +16.

My old glove was left with 0 quality. I did a quality tap just for fun. It went up from 0 to straight 100 quality.

The sad question is, is there any way I could save this quality?

Either by honing the old glove to +20 then crafting another glove to +12 and somehow -if possible- transfer the +12 quality to the +16 glove I already own?

Only thing I already tried was crafting a new set of Brelshaza gloves and trying transfer +0 1340 to +0 1390 and it didnt let me. Which makes me believe the only way is to +20 that thing again and repeat process, but if I do that, would I be able to transfer the +16 to the +12, maintaining the honing I did and keeping the new quality?

EDIT IMPORTANT: Since the post was closed, I’m editing here to tell you how I solved my problem. @Flamezz was really right.

  1. I crafted a new set of Brelshaza gloves
  2. I honed my old 100 quality Valtan/Vykas gloves to +10
  3. I transfered the +10 into a +2
  4. I transfered the +2 100 quality into the +16 Brelshaza glove I was currently using
  5. Problem Solved

The problem may be that you need to raise the 1340 up to 1390 (+10) first before you can transfer… and then you get +0 1390 with the quality… which is probably alot cheaper than rolling 100 quality again. I dont know for sure if that will work but at the very least you should need equivilent ilvl first.

gather more brel mat, craft same armor piece as the 100 quality. do transfer. Dismantle the old brel armor, craft a different brel armor

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Don’t think you can transfer down in item level, so you’re going to have to hone that 100 quality +0 glove up to the point that it can be transferred to a new pair of Brelshaza gloves. +1 of Brelshaza armor is 1400 so probably +12? At that point you’ll just have to hone those new gloves until they’re at the point that you can replace the lower quality ones.

Sucks to lose all the materials used to get your current pair to +16, but if the quality is that important that’s what you need to do.

On the plus side it’s ridiculously cheap to hone base 1340 gear to 1400, under 150 GHL to pity all the way to +12.

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Yeah, that’s my fear. I’ll basically be stuck forever with 2 brelshaza gloves. Since honed gear cannot be dismantled. And the material loss… all those shards :frowning:


Well the highest quality carries over for Brel gear so maybe if you hone them to be able to transfer them to Brel gloves you can gear transfer the item level.

Suffering from success man :joy:

Going from 99 quality to 100 is a 0.08 % chance of success. IF you rolled that you would probably need to use 1000g stones and that would cost around 1.625 mil gold average and probably plus or minus 500k depending on how lucky you are. Getting 99 quality is no doubt a huge cost as well although i have no idea how to calculate that.

If it’s a 100 quality weapon I’d probably re-hone.
Armor piece… nah…

Hey there,

If you get another brel gloves (1390) you should be able to transfer those gloves with the 100 quality gloves (might have to hone it to +1), and afterwards that brel piece can be transferred to your current brel piece, making it 100 quality.

Already tried that. Didnt work. :confused:

Yeah, right? :c

Are you sure? It has to be an extra gloves, so you basically need +40 horns to craft it again. It wouldn’t work with the piece you already transferred.

Yes, i said in the original post. I also tried to +1 and also didnt work.

“Only thing I already tried was crafting a new set of Brelshaza gloves and trying transfer +0 1340 to +0 1390 and it didnt let me.”

it’s a glove…i wouldnt worry about it.

just throw it away so you can forget about it.




Just happen to do this now. Whether the same principles will apply for Brel relic to relic… I think so (???). Not sure if this would help overall, but a small insight.

Side note Not gonna lie I wasn’t expecting a higher quality from the craft. The +21 hone transferred over and overwrite the +1 . Quality was not transferred and it kept the 35q of the old piece. My new 65q is now equip and +21. Of course this is just low relic piece transfer and not Brel.
Your +16 piece Brel should, base on what I just did overwrite the +12. regardless of quality because that never transferred since the targeted piece off the start was already higher than the older piece. In my case 65q +1 (targeted/transfer) and old piece 36q (Material Gear) +21. Though this was just tested with lower relic, your option to keep that 100q should still be possible, but of course you would have to spent the mats for it to make it happen. IMO I would still do it. That 100q from an rng roll of quality would be a major loss, cause you don’t know when you will ever get another 100 quality of another piece. Plus… having more eHP wouldn’t hurt and be nice to have.

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Alright I checked with my friend again, he had the same situation as you. Once you have the additional brel glove, you need to hone the 100 quality piece to +10 and then you will be able to transfer it. Honing it to +10 is very cheap.

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That’s really good news !

Congrats hope the fix works for you.

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