So, how many of you bought it?

IF you wont spend $$ each time they add new pack to cash shop, you will have Muni for upgrade! BIG HEAD :slight_smile:

huh, you assume I’m a dolphin or smthn.

I’m too broke for that.

only this part is important, good for you.

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ok, ok… I have now tried for like 10 mins. to stop the gif exactly when the cat closes her eyes but I cannot manage :frowning: What is this magic.

Gonna see tomorrow how much the bed mount costs for gold, or I’ll just buy it for royal crystals.

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I was going to buy the 9700bC and the 1000bc one until I realized the weapon skin won’t transfer for summoner. Too bad really. They need to rethink their marketing on the skins.

I will not spend a single cent in this game anymore.

I don’t think the Punika Growth Pack is worth it, tbh. Is one or two tap and it is gone. Hence, I don’t think this pack is worth it.

The worthiness of am item is base on the individual.

It is just not to me. The BC is nice, but not enough to buy other 30 day. Just a few short:(

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Oh I spent money on a broken game

Literally this thread, ya’ll are cringe


This is normal behaviour, people did it on FF before realm reborn, people did it on New World before it’s had a bit of a resurgance (not as good as FF by a mile), people will do it here. If you have disposable income and play mmos you will find people who will invest in the off chance they play the game long term and they make a mint off the investment.

I did ask for it, come on. its not bad, its not our money :smiley: . geez

I didn’t buy it, have zero interest in buying it and definitely won’t spend a single penny on this game in the foreseeable future. Fix the game and I’ll consider changing my mind.

have yet to buy any of the packs. maybe buy the 1k rc pack but thats my extent

gratz I finished my los around clown grinding three thousand abyssal dungeons.

If i knew they were gonna release whale packs to make card getting super easy (along side lucky shop) I woulda just waited sigh. I don’t mind whaling on cards

Seems like they love releasing card whale packs now

imagine spending money on this shit show. :rofl: pathetic!

I bought all 3 $100 packs, and every time I see someone complaining here I will swipe :slight_smile:

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if i spam complain will you swipe for every complain? but you will have to give proof that you swiped.

can u please swipe cant believe u bought those packs xD wow big whale! go swipe more

**thanks for keeping the game alive for me with ur wallet


Definetly isn’t my money thats for sure )) I guess im just thinking that if they had seen a huge downscale in their sells during this special black friday thingy, that would ring them a bell

You can think of the growth pack as a free bonus, though. We can’t really assign an objective cash value to honing materials, since one can infinitely grind for them by spending time instead of money, and people assign different values to their time.

Pheons and Crystals, on the other hand, have a direct price conversion to cash: The pack includes $11.75 worth of Pheons/Crystals and only costs $10.00 US. There’s still a question per individual about whether it’s ever worth spending any cash on Pheons or Crystals, but if the answer is yes, then that pack is clearly worth it.