So how to play this game?

5 characters, 4 at 1400 with 4x3 and a striker at 1370 with 2 engravings.
Now I need accessories to gear that striker, but guess what 15 pheon per accessories.

So that’s around 15,300 gold spent on 100 pheon and the amount you get from playing legit without bussing, buying illegal gold etc etc. Basically just doing daily chaos, guardians, hm dungeons, argos p3. etc etc.

Now to buy accessories of decent quality/stats that’s another 10k ±.
That seems too steep to be acceptable for any player no?
To put so much effort on a daily basis in order to be able to buy accessories needed in order to progress. Because if your stats aren’t in order then you can forget joining a party as the requirements just keep getting higher and higher.

On Russia I didn’t or do not have this issue as the game is balanced there, but here I feel like all my effort is going into i don’t know what and facing issues to buy skins when they are released.
TL:DR; gold income is too low vs. amount needed to progress.

I’m not sure how or what to make of this to tackle the issue, seems like my old school way of playing a game won’t get me anywhere if I want to keep up. Thoughts?

buy argos bus x5, get 10k, enjoy.

Stop worrying about how much gold you spend on a toon, the Better they are the more you enjoy them and you make more gold anyways, I have 10 toons main 1490, 2x 1470 rest 1445, I produce over 12k gold a day stomping all the content, they are all 4x3 + 1 full relic all leg gems lvl 7 I dont care how much I spent to get there but how much I produce a day and how easy. They are all going to 1490

Believe it or not, some people don’t hone for at least a week in order to buy pheons.

I honed my main from 1460 to 1490 on only bound, like 3 months collecting and wont hone again until like in 3 or more months… No point on over honing

Roster progression goes like:

Main sub 1385, alts can park at 1325/1340

Main 1385, alts can park at 1370 or 1340

Main 1460, push an alt to 1430 (or 1415 then 1430 a week or two later), and then do it for another alt.

There’s some flexibility here based on gameplay preference, but the further you deviate from the above plan the more resource constrained & stalled out on new content to do you’ll be.

In your situation, I would personally push my main at the cost of everything else. With the fresh 1370 I’d ride busses and not do yoho unless I could get 3x3 together practically free.

If the 1370 is your new main, I’d avoid buying accessories until 1415 and use the 1400 army to fund pushing the main.

Does accessories only cost 1 pheon in Russian version or something?

What’s balanced in Russia that’s not and is different in our version?

uhm can you like pass on your rng to me. I dont care what it takes. ya boi been pitying all gears lmao

You get more pheons from events, plus their aura system gives you pheons everyday.
On top of that the pricing is 3x cheaper, they basically killed gold sellers by being reasonable and thus keeping everything in the game. Better business model than here by far (cashop wise).

According to Russia Gets Pheon and Yoz Cloth with Crystalline Aura

Crystalline aura doesn’t give you pheons everyday, their other packages which you must buy does. I would personally love to see these in our shop.

Agree bots are killing the economy here, which really sucks.

Pull out the good old credit card is how you play this game.

Russia version costs real money to get that though.

Sell all tradable GHL and Des stone, profit.
Also, you should buy argos bus for 1370 char. Bus cost 1k while raid itself gives 2.7k, plus the box and blood you that can dismantle for GHL.
It will take time, maybe a bit longer than what you are used to in RU.

If you plan on not spending a single dollar on the game, you need to grind each week saving up each week till you can buy yourself something nice. This is a Real Life simulator but by doin fun stuff like raids :smiley:

Are you implying that raiding a bank is not fun? kek

Oooo new raid boss: The Swat Team

You get a box for every 30 minutes you’re logged in if you have an active aura going (5 or 6 boxes I forgot). In the 4-6th box there are 1-2 Pheons that you can choose or magic cloth (for Yoz jar legendary skin crafting/chance w/e u call it).

Though that’s beside the point, I only dragged RU into it as at the same stage I wasn’t facing these issues (pheon/gold) to buy accessories, on that note our version is still using the old pheon cost as they were lowered in KR and RU.

In particular the cost of tripod gears, then there’s the relic stone cutting which I don’t even want to imagine. Case in point I do not find it strange that players are circumventing the in-game market when they can E.g. get 20k gold for $6,-. But Amazon hasn’t even given a hint that the pricing of royals will change or royal > blue crystal quantity or anything along the lines.