So i cant do the express mission now?

i log in. im greeted with a popup in broken english that talks about “getting hot” no actual information outlining the event. i can only choose 1 character to do it on, so i close the window without choosing, so I could do it right.

Now the window is just gone? Im reading in forums that I just dont get to do the event now?

is this for real?

U click the event button on top right.

i saw that. i can click that on any of my characters. i never chose a character to do the super express thing, and now dont have that option. not sure if it just defaulted to my main, or what. looks like 90 pct of the playerbase is having similar issues

It doesn’t default to your main cause it allowed me to open and pick after I closed out on my main.

yeh, i cant. hope they fix it.