So i count the bots for 1 min on gideon north vern

when trying to do southvern quest, i visit north vern again

at gideon in rania village i see lots of lots bot running around

so i count for 10 sec who walk into my screen… in 10 sec i count about atleast 150 bots allready

since in 1 sec i see 10-15 diffrent bot on my screen

so 10 sec = 150 bots

1 min = 900 bots?


yea, ~150k-200k concurrent players are bots. It can be calculated from the Peak/off-Peak drop offs, as the bot-free games have usually ~50% off-peak, Lost ark drops just by 10%, so in theoretical numbers, 500k peak should be 250k offpeak, but it retains 450k (bots never log-off), the difference are bots running 24/7.

i read somewhere that AGS actually blocked Chinese IPs last patch, so they were “off” the first day, probably dealing with VPN logistics and hit back twice as hard to compensate the VPN costs.

It’s crazy, the bots are just streaming in and out non-stop.

It’s easier to count players, 1 hour - 2

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now imagine an one click magical solution - disable trading inc Market for untrusted accounts entirely = solved.
Bots wont spend $5 on and account that takes 2 weeks to generate 5k gold to break even, in this game its quantity of bots that matters. They spend $5 only on accounts that are suppose to handle the sales, rest of the accounts just use Market to funnel the gold to them

you can count to 150 in 10 seconds? that must be a world record…but lets be honest here that’s not possible.

To prove my point this is the world record for counting to just 100

“1 minute, 7 seconds and 90 milliseconds”


i just estimate how many people run into my screen every sec

in 1 sec i count more than 10

if u dont trust just go to place i mention, north vern gideon

or, you know crazy idea in 2022: use 2FA to stop the automatic super easy process of creating new bots and THEN start doing manual ban-waves every 2-4 weeks.

but nooooo, cant do 2FA, first gotta remove gold-source and do everything they can to hinder legit players on the way too

I think the Problem is the game itself stuff like endless Chaos is in my eyes just made for bots and not for humans like who does Chaos for 5/6 hours a day for what 500g ? xD then the honing too its gambling so alot of guys without self control gonne want to buy gold but amazons gold market is bone dry since there isnt that much new gold added into the game soooo where do those guys gonne buy there gold for * reasonable prices * ye from the bots and as long as there is insane profit to be made they will find a way ^^

F2P + NA/EU gold buyers = never gonna solve this problem…

This is something that confused me, prevented accounts from trading with others not verified, great! But allow them to keep using the market place? I see so many fishing in Vern and I assume selling the fish which is generating gold for the bots, just remove them from having access to the AH. Or even still, prevent selling on the AH till a roster has a T3 character.

the bots arnt all chinese. at least half of them are american cheaters. i dunno why everyone thinks americans are beyond cheating lmfao. did the concept that maybe most of the 1400s didnt get their legitimately really never cross your mind?