So I finally get unbanned but

They unlocked my account after I was banned for a chargeback issue… took like 5 weeks but when I returned all my royal crystals went to 0(was at 6k)… is that supposed to happen?

Glad to hear you got unbanned.

If you charged back the purchases and then reversed the chargeback the crystals should be credited to your account. That might be another issue that will need to be addressed by support. You can submit a standard ticket for help with that one rather than having to deal with the appeals team.

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thats the automatic system taking affect, your going have to put another system in to address that issue now

I’m about to fill my second month and the remaining 4.5 months and my hopes are gone. time passes slowly.

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It’s a completely different purchase that I made ( had nothing to do with the charged back purchases ). I submit tickets but I keep getting this response…

where do i submit ticket?? do i go to in-game issue, then missing item?

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