So i got VAC-Banned? WHAT?!

So i just got VAC banned from Lost ark, like what the "#¤%, this gotta be something wrong on your side, i dont cheat lmao been grinding my ass off


A lot of ppl have been getting banned ive seen including me…ags will probably come out saying their have been false bans just like whay happened with new world

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yes not cool to cheat, bot, auto clicker, or something else.

The VAC Ban does NOT come from Lost Ark side.

It’s valve and IF you’re VAC banned, you cheated :slight_smile:

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Oh great, people really think people getting Vac now is cheating, crazy

Always has been.

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What is it then?

Thats why im asking here? I have not used any third software, or any illegal stuff, the only thing that ive done worthy a ban ( far from VAC ban ) is to ping wrong location for Shangra in my full toxic spanish server.

wow wait, i got a reply. I GOT BANNED FOR SELLING GOLD?! HAHAHAHA ive been buying gold with my own card hahahahahahhahaha

Ive not sold a SINGLE gold nor traded a SINGLE gold, ive been funneling gold to my main from alt, i hope thats ok LOL

jesus rigole

we all trust you don’t worry


Thanks for trusting me, Im unbanned :slight_smile:

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So Moody why am i unbanned if i cheated? :slight_smile:

Oh wait, not everyone is a cheater and unjustified bans happens, i was one of them, stop judging people so quickly

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You genius have no idea what a real VAC ban is.

So hush. Enjoy your stay while it lasts.

VAC ban means you were cheating.

It’s not an automated system open to abuse, it knows exactly what to look for.

If you modified your files or had a third party packet that’s on Steams watch list, it’ll pick it up and ban you.

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yes VAC IS an AntiCheat…
EAC is kiddypuhpuh

So much misinformation here. It’s not a VAC ban using the VAC system/servers but it still shows up red on your public Steam profile like a VAC ban, so it looks just as bad.

It is a game ban, issued by the game developers/publisher and not the VAC system:

And yes, the developer can issue this game ban for any reason, and yes, it will appear red on your public Steam profile just like a VAC ban. This can be for breaking any rules in Lost Ark/AGS terms of service, or even being reported for doing so. It is not a VAC ban and does not mean you were cheating, it just means AGS says you cannot play their game anymore.

@Roxx does not even understand the above because she made a post in someone else’s thread saying it’s a VAC ban from third-party tools/cheats and it is not. Read the above article from Steam on the feature and understand your own game, also get your moderation sorted out. If you’re going to put a red flag outside the VAC system on someone’s public Steam account that’s been in good standing for a decade+ you better make sure you have actual evidence to issue this, and not just user reports.

If you get banned from Lost Ark for any reason you will have this red flag on your Steam account. Be warned!

Yes i did have the Red flag, and that is crazy to me, that VAC mark is not fun, since i do play alot of steamgames with a 10y + account, and my account is clean.
So a unjustified VAC ban is not cool and is really not ok!

and to you all judging and saying people cheating just because they got VAC ban please get out, my ban was unjustifed and it got fixed and i bet there is hundred if not thousands more out there like me.

it wasnt a vac ban obviously

It was, i got vac banned, but it was reverted