So I have 212 Royal Crystals left

Just shy of the gold conversion minimum amount, Any ideas on what I could spend them on without having to spend more IRL cash?

I mean hell, I’d be happy to be able to spend them on literally anything as long as I could just get rid of them without spending more real money.

It’s a nice example but it would be more accurate if it was not both dividable by 2, so like pack of 5 hot dogs and 8 buns so there is ALWAYS uneven amount left. That’s predatory monetization in Lost Ark if anyone was wondering.

I mean, at least I can eat those left over hot dogs…
Being just a few Royal Crystals short of the minimum amount for conversion is just frustrating though.

You can also eat left-over buns, food is not very good example

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Nah, I rather enjoyed the analogy lol.