So i help a random player for Abyssal

We enter the DG the other guy was bug so REMAKE! then >.< NO re entry Ticket

Just to clarify, when you say “we enter the dg,” do you mean that you get to the loading screen for the dg but then get kicked back out of it because others did not connect to the dg like you?

If so, the game will give you an entry ticket a day later, happened to me before.

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ok noted thank you

Moving this thread to the Bugs & Localisation section of the forums.

Let us know if you received a re-entry ticket.

@OminousOnion | Oreha’s Well dungeons have this loading screen issue since last 6 months or even more. I’m 100% sure this bug already reported thousands of people, but unfortunately still exist. It’s very annoying to leave party, remake group and try to enter dungeon over again. Sometimes it happens 3 or 4 times in a row.

This bug has priority more than capital letter fixes. What makes you delay this fix that much long?

Not just Oreha or t3, all 4 men dungeons have this issue. If you haven’t encountered this kind of issue with t1 and t2 (not 8 men water dungeons), you either don’t do cards run or you are very lucky while doing them.

I never faced this issue with other dungeons, but I usually matchmake for card runs except Oreha’s Well.

That’s probably why, PF for cards run up to yorn is a pain

Oh so that is why cards run PF takes half an hour to find 3 other people, MM it is then…

Yeah, I do Oreha’s Well as PF because I do carry with no bid deal for newbies.

I think this is true. Twice have I encountered this bug on challenge abyssal dungeons PF. And numerous times on Oreha. So I guess it seems to appear only in Oreha because they are the dungeons that people run through PF the most. All others are MM preferred so it creates an impression that only Orehas are bugged.

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