So I received a penalty (not ban) for sending my irl friend living with me 24k gold

As in the title - I have sent an irl friend living with me 24k gold, so they could hone to 1370 (They just made an account, bought the punika pass). Since I didn’t want them to miss out on the hyper express, I mailed them 24k gold and honing mats, so they could get their first 1370, so we can do Yohos, Argos etc.

I did all of that, they were able to get 2 1370s actually and spent money on the growth packs. In the end I received most of my mats back via mail. I carried them through Argos and Oreha on both characters, so their Gold was like 34000. As a form of gratitude, they sent me the 24k gold back, and the 10k on top for the inconvenience. Now I get to learn that my account got a penalty? the 34k gold was taken away by AGS and they won’t reply to my tickets anymore, claiming I bought gold?

I spent money legitimately since day one. Thousands of Euros in total. Why would I send all these mats and gold to the claimed third party seller by AGS? The person legit uses the same IP as me. I have carried them through Yohos and other content, have them on my friends list, where is this claim coming from? I understand why this might have triggered their system, since its a newly created account with a super low roster level, but this is beyond crazy and upsetting.

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I have added screenshots of me sending the materials to my friend, but the last email stated that they won’t reply anymore? Why would I send mats worth 50k gold (including the 24k gold) to a third party seller???

Hello there @Razen

Unfortunately, forum staff has no access to the tools needed to review any kind of penalties, in this case it sounds like you received a warning, warnings can stlll be appealed so in order to have the moderation team review your case please fill an Appeal Ticket . Please make sure you explain your situation in detail and add any helpful evidence to support your appeal in the ticket, you can also link this post as well.

Hope this helps.