So I went to do my daily rapport with Thirain

I got to say that I like the npc in the back looking in disapproval

Thats a pretty beserker hydra right there.

Oh lordy lord.

gotta love that symmetry though :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

They make a nice line… imagine if it continued out of the castle :stuck_out_tongue:

I run into this problem while trying to record a video for my YT Channel. No matter how hard I tried, there was simply no way I could get a click on Thirain to progress the current quest. I reported as many as I could for “Game Hindrance”, but had no alternative but to quit.

Fingers crossed when I try again later they will have been booted for AFK. But seriously, AGS has got to do more ASAP to get the bot issue in under control.

at launch the npc’s where camped by tons of players. no need to click on the npc itself, just get close and push g.

just walk close to him and hit “G”

Tried that. However, I’ve now been informed on how to change channels. If I run into this problem again, hopefully a channel swap will be a solution.