So if I want the cloud mount, I have to make a Glaivier, buy the pack, and delete the Glaivier?

do I have that right? Why would you make it Glaivier exclusive when you can just delete the Glaivier after you buy the pack? You’re purposely making it difficult to get that mount for zero reason. Put the mount in the shop by itself.

Because the glavier exclusive skin is in it. The only thing they can do is separate it.

Also you can buy it on a different class, just can’t use the skins that comes with it.

You can also get a Cloud Mount on Shangra Island.
It just takes forever to get it.

buy it sell the things you dont want :slight_smile:

You can’t buy it on a different class, I tried

That’s not the same cloud mount, not sure why you’d suggest that.

Cloud mount is tradable. So u can get it from the auction house. I saw 1 for 7k gold this morning

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