So instead of releasing the missing classes that everyone can play

They release content that only 1% can play ?



Give us ALL playable classes!

I want my scouter so I can actually enjoy the game and invest into it the way I wish to…


Then why torture yourself playing a game that you are not enjoying if it doesn’t have your class?

Classes are already playable in KR, but they will try to milk people by releasing them slowly as content with their overpriced skins.


Who said I’m not having fun ?

Just vote with your wallet. I’m just working on getting my current main to T3 so I can do the research to make T2 honing easier. As soon as they do I’ll only log in for daily stuff and wait til classes are out

Not spending another dollar on the game until the classes I wanna play (that are being played already elsewhere) are released

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Who really cares. There’s going to be enough whales to make up for you not spending your little 20$.

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That’s why they release it, so people will be forced to swipe to do the latest content.

yup. no other reason at all


Bro 1.4% players are in T3.

And judging by how long those Abyss Raid parties take to fill up I’d wager it’s less than 1000 people in total at 1370+

Strange. Nobody is forcing me. Where do you live?

Good for you if you want to play the current content 3 months later.

‘not defending ags btw’

You lack some basic understanding between “forcing to” and “wanting to”.
I want to play the content exactly when it fits my playstile and time investment. Do i expect the game to hand it to me this way? No.

If you say so.


Seriously, we only have 2 support classes. Why are they releasing destroyer first.

Because we only have one tanky class and destroyer has a very powerful defensive build.

No, they didn’t release content 1% can player instead of releasing classes. They released the content they said they were going to release, at no point did they say they’d release classes and then released different content instead.