So is surge kinda weird all the sudden or is it just me?

I get there was a nerf, and all, but it just seems kinda useless now.

Honestly I’ll just run the numbers and figure out the next best build but it seems pretty over the top to just completely kill a build.

Nerf next week lul what you on


The slight nerf is next week, and prepare to improve your rotation and your engraving.

There was a most obvious change to the mechanics last night, changed my set up a little and bingo boingo good to go.

There was no change what are you on about?


It’s called placebo.


You heard the word nerf so suddenly you blame your shit performance on the nerf, that’s what always happens.

Shame you got the date wrong though, makes you look worse.

The Placebo Effect: What Is It?.

You are either baiting or doing that crystal new age bullshit xd


This is it, this is exactly the reason we need public API and armory. People jumping on a stupid bandwagon.